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How do you get rid of negative energy?

I have been talking to psychics and they say that I have negative energy between my heart and stomach. It is something I got from my mom from birth. I do believe pass off energy to one another. I would like to you meditation to get rid of the negative. Some psychics have charged as high as 300 dollars (that’s money I don’t have because I am not working). I can sense for me things are going right and I want to do something about this negative energy


  1. I do psychic work and they are ripping you off! Just meditate and pray to the Creator. To get rid of negative energies in your aura take a sea salt bath, it helps get the debris off. If you feel physically ill, please go see a medical doctor.

  2. I don’t believe in any of this but if you do, look up Chakras. You can work on the Chakra for that area.

  3. I thing I do quite often is burn incense in every room of my house. As I do this I ask the Gods and Goddesses to send there energy to cleanse my space and create a scared space. This all depends on your spiritual beliefs of course. For instance if my husband and I have a fight I put out a bowl of salt water in the middle of the room and it absorbs all the negative energy in the room. Then dispose of it into a river or stream. Not down your drain. It will still be in your house. Always make sure to carry the incense into the corners of your rooms because they become like corners of cobwebs. They trap energy whether it is negative or positive. In an ideal situation a round room would be wonderful for the flow of energy. Also if you have any mirrors hanging in a position where they are facing each other, move one. This allows negative things to enter into your household. You can also hang bells on your doorknobs. The ringing of a bell negates negative energy almost instantly. These are just a few things I do in my household at least once a week. Just believe in whatever you are doing. Ask for the help from whatever deity or God you serve. Hope this helps. Bless You!

  4. Everyone is trying to make money… its their job.
    I believe you can get rid of negative energy on your own without paying for the service. Try meditation. Look for something that calms you.
    When I feel the world coming down on me I sit on the beach and close my eyes and listen to only the waves as they come and go… at least 30 minutes. No outside noises, no drugs and I keep my $300 bucks!

  5. Here is a good technique to move energy:
    It is called gibberish. Make all kinds of sounds, as long as they are not a real language. Pretend you are talking in a language no one knows. Make loud sounds, soft sounds, angry sounds, sad sounds, just create any non-word sounds you like. Really get into it! And move your body around too.
    After five or ten minutes, stop, and sit silently for five minutes, becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings, or sensations. Just watch. Do not try to change or fix anything. Do not try to stop the mind. Love yourself, and accept whatever happens from your heart.


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