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how do you get rid of negative energy when nothing positive is given by others except for material things?


  1. OMG, good question. I’ve been thinking the same..
    I cannot stand to be around that kind of environment because it takes away from my own idealism about people.. in a way, it hurts me, even though I bite the bullet, act *tough* and don’t show emotions whenever I notice this kind of behavior in others. If I show weakness, it’ll be taken advantaged of.. If I show callousness towards those who do value material things over *people*? It is my way to disassociate with them, because I start to feel jaded..
    Maybe I’m not as strong as I appear to be when around that kind of environment? Does not jive very well for me..

  2. Stay away from people who give you negative energy. Material or physical things come second. The spiritual (not religious) and good vibes you get are what matters and keep everybody happy.

  3. if you feel this way maybe it’s time to expand your circle of friends. join some kind of activity that appeals to you and meet new people, hang on to the ones that make you feel good and maybe back away from people in your life who are bringing you down.

  4. it takes all kinds.develop a good repore for the things that exist.at best you do understand it.not that others with materials don’t.consider what they know and what you return them.


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