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How do you get rid of negative energy, and inhance your positive energy?

Let me go ahead and appologize if I use the wrong terminology here:
I want to do my best to get rid of any negative energy, and I want to enhance the positive energy within myself, my body, and my soul. I recently got a Healing Hot Stone Massage, and she placed stones on my chakra points to balance everything out and continued with the massage. After the massage she told me that she couldn’t get away from my head….she felt I had a lot of stuff going on in my head (thoughts, and I guess worries). I am a Christian and set in my religious beliefs (however I don’t think that has anything to do with energy fields,but I didn’t want any suggestions as far as other religious practices), but I want to balance out my energy and bring in the positive.
P.s. Does your energy affect your aura?I am a good person, I think my anxiety gets in the way.I try to clear my head of negative thoughts, but even after they are cleared out tension still exists…


  1. I find a good backrub from a hot woman, revives my energy in great ways.
    Drinking water-no soda. A balanced diet, low on sugar. Exercise. They are all good things!

  2. do good things and thnk good thoughts.
    be happy.
    “people are the only creatures on earth that have forgotten that the primary business of life is to enjoy it.”

  3. Try spending some real quality time alone in medation with Jesus every day. Place that special time aside for Him every day, and perhaps just sit quietly while He speaks to your heart, instead of you always doing the talking. God bless you.

  4. The negative and positive energy that you’re talking doesn’t exist. If you’re having anxiety and negative thoughts you should talk to a friend, or a medical professional if it’s very serious.

  5. Seriously, find a Catholic church and a priest and make a good confession. Going to confession always does it for me.

  6. Prayer helps to bring whatever concerns and stresses you may have to the Lord. He can give you peace and direction. Some of the terminology you are using is unfamiliar to me. It sounds more Hindu, than Christian.

  7. out of respect for your beliefs i really do not have much that i can offer, because you do not want to hear other religious beliefs,,,,
    but based on what you ahve said it seems like you at least believe in energy healing and chakra and stone healing, and aura.
    many coltures believe that the aura is the key to health, that it will get sick before you do, and when the aura gets sick then you are open to negative energy that will make you sick…
    so start with the aura…
    i would tell you to start by wearing a silver ankle braclet,
    silver promotes grounding and positive energy, haveing it on your ankle will help to keep negative energy from the areas that you walk on from comming to you, and will help to disipate negative energy back to the earth.
    after this i would suggest an amathyest crystal and a hematite stone, both are known for healing and reflecting negative energy.
    used together they should help to heal your aura.
    wear them on a silver chain around your neck and place them near your heart.
    any more suggestion that i could give you would be very much into pagan traditions and i have no wish to offend.
    what i have offered is things tht i think that you would feel comfortable with based on your question.


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