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How do you get rid of negative energies arising from you when you are angry?

I do fierce easily when someone scold me but I don’t shout…


  1. first step count to ten, mostly anger can disolve in that time
    exercise patience and calmness to help with the rest
    both take practice to work, keep at it and you will be cool as a cucumber under pressure

  2. First, u have to breathe in and out. Calm yourself down. Say in silence: THIS TOO SHALL PASS, several times.
    If it’s possible for you, talk a walk outside and enjoy the nature. Visualize in ur mind happy thoughts and nice things you desire to happen in ur day.

  3. well, since those are strong energies, it is hard to control. but just try and think about something calm to try and calm down before you start thinking about the upsetting subject again. this will help you to be able to think about the upsetting subject more clearly. And breathe. this is help calm you down and let you control those energies.

  4. meditation will help you to stay calm & address situations like a mature adult instead of a tantrum. You should address them not just breath/count cause after so long of the same person screwing you over you will go off. So address the situations 1 at a time so you dont build up & expode.

  5. You could try focusing on your physical body and it’s humble, fleshy nature. This sometimes helps me. Remembering that all things are temporary can also help. ‘All things come to pass’. You can learn to look past the passion of your anger and see that it’s negativity does not serve you. Make sure you don’t serve it.

  6. Take a deep breath and ignore it, think about another things or do sth e.g. listen to music (it helps me) The more you think about it, the more you will angry.


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