How do you get rid of a voodoo doll? I don't want to have some curse. Do I throw it away in the trash, burn it?

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Its supposably a good voodoo doll that creates wealth. Its from borboun street New Orleans.

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Smooth Kitty AY AE

Bring it back to New Orleans

Willy the Wonder Boy

There was a Brady Bunch episode in the later years after it jumped the shark with Cousin Arthur that had a solution to this. Greg found some cursed voodoo doll when he was surfing and it was giving everybody bad luck. Sadly, I never did see the end of the episode, so you’re going to have to find it yourself. I can narrow it down for you though, that it was in the last season and took place in Hawaii.


Why do you want to get rid of a voodoo doll, especially when it’s a good voodoo doll? Well anyways, burning a voodoo doll doesn’t sound like a good idea, who knows what will happen. In the meantime I think you should just lock it up in your cupboard or something and just forget about it 🙂

David I

it has no power…relax put a heart on it and a cross in the heart ok?
hi after or even with the ‘doll’
remember to keep Jesus first
I hope you know Jesus, & I love God and you/u in Jesus =Isaiah 9:6=Jesus is God the bible,love others friendship, &kindness
Free Art work/poem/as you wish and all! 🙂
fun& good for happy heart/help in Vietnamese&Farsi&66 languages=
I am an artist and will send you a gift, i give away inspired pictures, mail me/or give me your address, tell me what you like best and favorite color, mine is purple and i like puppy, angels and Jesus best of all, and spring rolls to eat hehe!
prayer requests welcomed too, pray for my pastor and his wife they are elderly and very caring, George and Edna dear friends of mine in their 70s too with health issues, Billy a black who writes poems for God, and my best buddy Lenny who is mentally challenged, and hangs out with me 1 day a week and we share Jesus with others and have fun eatin and goofin around hehe!
I am reading a book ‘GREEN LEAF in Drought-time’ by Moody press=
about a couple that love Jesus, and love the Chinese people, in 1951 the communist took over and put them under house arrest and persecuted them terribly, but they lived through it victoriously! sharing Jesus
got heavy persecution locked in their home by the chinese communists even starved for food, yet they chose to conquer!
nice prayer=Help me Jesus I pray,
i am sorry for even 1 lie, come into my heart today,
be my best friend and take may hurts and pain away, amen
see bible Jesus promises to do this speaking from heaven; Revelation 1:1 chapter 1 verse 1 and 3:19&20
happy day, David
your care is thankfuled for
never worry Philippians 4


Well, since you technically are asking the proper way to dispose of a voodoo doll, I will tell you you should either bury it or let it float away in a river or ocean.
But, there are a few other point that should be indicated: firstly, having just gotten back from New Orleans and probably even knowing the exact shop the doll came from — it’s likely the doll was never activated in the first place, in which case it possesses no powers whatsoever and you haven’t need to worry. It’s just junk to sell to tourists. Furthermore, a wealth doll would not put any sort of “curse” on you even if it were activated. It would do just what is indicated — it would bring wealth. But like I said, if you got it on Bourbon Street it was probably not ever activated in the first place, and so doesn’t do anything.


Put the voodoo doll in a box and let it float down the river and forget about it or take it back to the place u got it bring it to New Orleans and let someone there take it.

Susan Styles

I would really love to know how to properly get rid of a voodoo doll.while in Florida on vacation about 6 years ago, my sister and I were doing some thrift store shopping( oh what fun! Lol) when I stumbled upon one and it drew me to it…in a weird way…kinda curious and kinda scared….and when I brought it home, I wrapped it up n put in my dresser drawer…and never ” forgot” about it, yet really didn’t want to LOOK at it either, but I swear, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong…from everyday chores/ decisions, to more important , life changing task , and I really never connected the 2 ..maybe subconsciously but I am usually pretty creative, decessive, strong willed, independent and sure- footed, have been all my life, but my whole world has literally sucked ever since…I now truly believe I need to get rid of it…but sure don’t want to screw that up too…..someone tell me the proper way plzzzx…..desperate in Bama….


When you have a voodoo doll all you do is give it away


Well I think you must unwrap the doll and put it 6 feet under or burn it. If you don’t live near a river or street hobos having a fire. Throw it down the sewer! 🙂


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