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How do you get rid of a succubus?

the demon, if say someone i knew were being slowly drained of life by a succubus, how would you stop such a demon. I mean you can’t exorcise it, since it’s not technically possessing someone. what do you do?!?!?


  1. An exorcism is a practice which drives out a satanic or demon possession from a person. Typically the Roman Catholics perform exorcisms, but other religious denominations will occasionally perform an exorcism as well. Follow these steps if you want to exorcise a demon.
    Step 1:
    Ensure that you have a very close relationship with God. To exorcise demons you must know God and have a very close connection to him through prayer and faith.
    Step 2:
    Work with a team. In the Roman Catholic rite of exorcism the exorcist has three assistants: a physician, a younger priest and a strong member of the victim’s family. If the victim is a woman, the third person is also a woman to prevent false accusations of misconduct.
    Step 3:
    Confess your sins and ask for forgiveness. In a traditional exorcism the exorcist will confess any sins he committed to ensure that he didn’t have any unforgiven sins that the demon could use against him during the ritual.
    Step 4:
    Ask the demon his name. This will help you to determine who is possessing the victim and the nature of the possession.
    Step 5:
    Pray for the demon to leave the victim. If you know Latin, recite the prayers in Latin because it is believed to be the best language for exorcism. During the prayer, the assistants can read scriptures from the Bible and do the sign of the cross.
    Step 6:
    Command the demon to leave the victim in the name of Jesus Christ. If the demon does not leave, repeat the ritual until he is gone.
    Step 7:
    Pray for God to help and protect the victim.

  2. Demons and god don’t exist, it’s probably a very bad sickness or disease that your “friend” is going through
    Get he/she checked for stuff

    • REALLY YOU HAVE THE NERVES TO SAY THT????? dude you realy should go to church…..god can help you there is a god and there are demons!!!! you really need help if you think there is no god….. my cell phone number is 256 200 1724 txt me i will help you out!!!!!! just remeember jesus loves you<3 my husband is the type tht dont go to church anymore but he does believe in god and demons and so should you…just give it a shot im 100% sure if there is anything i mean anything wrong in your life god will be the one person that can help you!!!!!!!!!

      • …I think when you believe there is an omnipotent man in the sky and red humanoids with hooves and horns, you’re the one who needs help… >_>
        As for a deity being able to help me, nothx, I prefer help and support from tangible sources like my friends, family, and my inner strength.
        Do you really believe that you are so weak that you need to believe in a deity to get through life? If so, you should try going to some Agnostic or Atheist forums, and they can probably help you have more confidence.

        • I doubt you will GEt this message you are lieing to your self and get a better education if you’re going to plague the internet with your ignorance using omnipotent for a discription only shows to me that you are afraid to have a real conversation with others this is a method of control but this existence in this life is only the beginning we must choose what we say diligently I’m sorry about lashing back that was kinda like what you were doing huh? Lashing out guess it does give you attention the devil loves it when someone is blinding themselves with lies

      • You had Legion talking to you, so what do you expect from them? They are demons themselves, of course they don’t want anyone to know they exist. That is what Zeitgeist and all of that is about. They promote sinful behavior because they are demons. They also promote fear, and anger.

    • Really.. What I have seen and been thru in the last few weeks have made a believier.. You want proof?? I have pictures.. Many of them.. I love how people say they don`t exsist and speak blasphemy about God… Well I hope you never have to go thru what I have and still am.. And Jesus loves you my friend.. And saying what your are saying and not being a Christian opens you up to demons.. May God Bless you…

  3. personally i would tell it to leave… btw, a succubus has to do with a female demon that comes to seduce a male. you are referring to a vampiric type demon if indeed that is what you have. not every physical ailment is demonically related… demons feed off the weak if you are strong it will find a easier target unless you have a stupid one…

  4. Tell her you want to start a serious relationship. Demons aren’t big on monogamy!
    BTW Yes, you can exorcise a succubus, but instead of driving it from a person, it is driven from a place (the home).

  5. First a succubus or incubus is usually in the form of a person. So to know exactly who is doing the draining would be the first step. Then do all that you can to lose contact with that person. Lose their pictures, lose their phone number, anything that may keep a link between you and that person. Then a couple of blessings or spells should allow you to cut yourself off from them on the astral plane.
    However many succubus & incubus have a real taste preference and if they have chosen you to drain they won’t be letting go that easily. Because we exchange energy all the time with people we meet & talk to they could go after your close friends and/or family to both a) drain their energy because it resembles yours and b) keep a solid connection to you. The way they do this is by constantly talking about you. Compliments are the best way to get a friend or family member to start talking about you (especially mothers) then that feeling/emotion is stirred and the feeding begins. And now that person who you really like has to come back to you and get ‘refueled’, they need to see you and spend some more time with you. Eventually they soon become the inbetween. For some people this go-between causes them to become a type of either energy vampire or succubus themselves.
    Losing a succubus or inccubus is very difficult to do unless they can find someone else to latch on to. But they usually don’t like to leave a meal unfinished. The top best way is to put a bad taste in their “mouth” technically speaking. To do that you need the assistance of a highly adept spiritual sage. Whether a Native American Shaman or High Wiccan Priestess, or even a Voodoo Doctor. (voodoo for attack/defense, hoodoo for healing)
    Destroying a succubus or inccubus is very difficult and if succeeded leaves a person depressed, boring and nothing but an empty shell, since that’s all that they are when a succubus is done. The only thing keeping them acting like a real human being is the succubus they have become. It’s very rare to return a person back to who they were before the original succubus began feeding. ONLY when you find a person in the middle of being drained can you hope to save them, not after they’ve been emptied.

      • true. keep focus on ur life and keep calm and real. eventually it will lose lower and u weil gain off it. if ur suffering from medical need and it blocks the doctor from treating you as it did with me. find someone to come with ut with a camera to record ur medical care force the doctor to act for you. or it will kill u.. as it did me.. doctors were listening to it not me.. and not even question my needs.. over powered me in end of my life because i was exhausted and had medical need not met.

        • I Have met up with the flesh and blood versions of jinn demon and they will not let go to easy.it takes calm and focus and love from others around you to keep ur warm and close. they will try to alter and isolate you from friends and ur life.. they are also jelous and have weakness. Demons have weakness. they hone powers to deal with that weakness in a negative manner. to over power another ..
          they use the evil an confusing of others or short sightedness to do this just like any other criminal mind.. abuser. they feed of ur fear and toughest. keep calm quite and mediated. they are afraid to get punishment from god.. so keep with god.

  6. I have a feeling that my boyfriend is having problems with a SUCCUBUS… It is the only explanation I can come up with after doing research… any serious help would be a blessing. He is not sure whether he believes in God or not. This is posing to be a problem since everything I read says you must believe in God and ask for his help… Please help, it’s getting worse with each episode

  7. My husband has recently been attacked. It was a 1st experience for him just last night. I am afraid bc I am and ex high priestess and. Am not sure if I have the power to banish her. He said he was making love to me all night. (And that would explain the rubbing). Usually he holds me when we don’t “do it”. He said I had an evile smirk and then I was not me. I was awake all night worried abt him. I am now a firm follower of God and I think it may be a trick to get me back to being a pagan. I’m going to pray and I suggest u do the samw. I would accept any advice as well. Btw I am Gnostic

  8. lately me and my husband and sister have been expirencing demon such activity. me and my hubby awoke to me haveing bleedin cuts on my leg………the demon has phycially changed itself into our 9 month old daughter who has been taken away. is this a sign something is wrong with my daughter od does it want me???? my husband told me tht i also would reach out for sumin and tht i tryed to choke him n tryed to stabb him!!!! this thing is taken control over me and i want it to stop if you have any edvice for us please look us up on face book jessica wilkerson or eric craven!!!!!!!!! any comments or sources of help would be great. the demon has phycially changed itself into our 9 month old daughter who has been taken away. is this a sign something is wrong with my daughter od does it want me????

    • taken away by who child case workers devil.. or illness or death? not sure what ur thinking. the play on fear. trauma and sense if ur afraid what ur thinking i have lived with a jinn demon an see how they work . not that i had to live with one to know..
      just that they feed off ur fear or reactions get a grip and on panic.. and focus on god. and what u have to do, then if u get stronger against it slay it. they are out of control people how practice dirty activate and abuse and need a not to be felt sorry for never feel sorry . treat as in if u were with a sociopath. just back up slow and exit. then if u get stronger kill it.

    • start to pray from psalms 23 to 91 to 102 as for forgiveness, as for protection day and night ask jesus to cover you with his blood, ask jesus to send his angels to camp around you. beg for forgiveness of your sin pray night and day these are forces that are unseen. i am no spiritual teacher but i recently felt this presence and indeed it was scary until my inner being told me to call on god the father god the son god the holy spirit god the almighty jesus. when this was done the forces released their grip and i was able to cask them out of my dwelling place. please pray for me ask jesus to protect us all the times are changing pray pray pray pray for your afflected love ones there is no other way but jesus he is thy shield and buckler. Jesus is our king i declare jesus to be the king of all kings my king my shield>>>pray pray pray it will comfort you and protect you fight with your bible.

  9. I recently met a sucubuss in human form .my spiritual eye was open and I saw her tail I have done my studying on demons and evil spirits she is a sucubuss and she is after me what do I do .do they work in teams or pairs because I think it’s more than just her .any one got any tips

  10. I am also experiencing problems with a succubus. I know there is something definately wrong. When I relocated, I would make friends but after 2 weeks into a relationship my new friends would start asking me to buy them stuff, ask for rides constantly, arrange dates to go out then change plans at the last minute. ALL OF THEM WOULD DO THIS. I come from a town where black magic is highly prevalent. Elders from the local Indian village had told me it was introduced when the white men came into settle~ santoria I think its called. Anyways, if I am being bothered no one, not even family has bothered to tell me. I hate linking this to free masonary but the town I am in now, is known for it and has masonic temple ect. I dont want to point fingers because my father was an Elks member, an off shoot of their fraternity. How can I combat this? I now have herpes and dont know if I contracted it from her or just in general. I would like to have a monogamous relationship but it wont be possible if she has it too. I was told that they can aquire (instill) someone skills ie. Cooking, martial arts, singing ect.. Is this true? Ive noticed my daughter is taking on some of her competitive traits. Ive tried everything..Please help! ~May the lord protect myself and others conflicted from this. May the lord forgive her and myself for our sins. Amen.

  11. my dad married a succubus. everything she did from the start was too much exactly how he likes a relationship to go. right after they married she began doing horrible things to me and somehow he never noticed… she manipulated him into not seeing how she was abusing me and she drove me from my old home when i was younger. my dad is getting weaker and more ’empty’ acting everyday and noone believes me that she is evil. please help me… he isnt doing well and i dont even see them anymore hardly. i dont know what to do. at first i thought i was doing something wrong.. i was a little girl and i didnt understand. but i knew she wasnt right, and noone else could see and i hated myself. but when i got older i knew there was something way more wrong with the picture. i told her she didnt scare me anymore and she stopped the car and made me get out. i sat on the side of the road for around 8 to 10 hours. but she doesnt controll my feelings anymore after that. but my dad… he doesnt see. he is blind to whats happening

    • I am searching the internet on how to get rid of a succubus as well. My 18 year old son is afflicted by a succubus. this young girl is using erotic manipulation to make him behave in ways that are waaaay out of character for him. She has lied and coerced him into believing what she tells him….and she has now gotten pregnant! I work powerful magic myself and work with the goetic spirits, but they have been unable to touch this. Every time i try to make a move to block of remove her or to protect my son it has been blocked or deflected. I am getting desperate here. So i can understand what you are going through. i cannot get close to this girl at all. She keeps herself out of my presence completely. My son hears my words but acts oddly when i speak to him. Religious methodology is out of the question because they have no idea what they are actually dealing with on these matters. This is big and this is powerful, and there seems to be a movement of some kind going on in the spirit world because this kind of thing is becoming much more prevalent. Has anyone actually removed a succubus remotely (without being in their immediate presence)? I am not a regular to this blog site. I have never even responded to any blog ever. So I must be in pretty dire straights to even do this. I just hope someone has some kind of experiential advice regarding.

      • my name is Todd w. I have an unfortunately have an abundance of personal information I never wanted,it will change your life in ways you cannot even imagine I am stil learning with my wife of 8 years and 12 total . where there are 1 there are more we deal with around 3 if they are into other things like drugs they will do WHATEVER to get them if you want some real answers and your serious I will try and help however what I’ve learned has been through direct experience the hard way one succubus I’ve spoke with through my wifes’ body said she did not like the name succubus she preffered the name IT. will try to help

        • Hi I am not much for this whole demonology thing but, I have had some strange things happening to me lately. I am female, 18 years old and I have been raped in my dreams for almost 4 years now. My boyfriend told me I needed to get help… He says that its a succubus and I am not sure what to think… If you could contact me that would be awesome:)

        • I have a friend whose ancestors made a deal with some dark things. Me and my in law are trying to remove a succubus who is using her to attract and hurt others. i am looking for information on how to remove it. My friend has a daughter and we are afraid that this succubus is going to latch onto her. Please give whatever info u can

        • Hey I have a story to share with you email if interested. my boyfriend has a child with a succubus she still infects his life how do we prevent this?? What do we do? I will go into more detail if interested!

      • linda i am from india , hindu.. We have excellent rituals to cure this and nail it out 100% ..But you need to apply your mind a little like meditation and diverting mind…Do you have “ISHA-YOGA” centers somewhere close by your house? There are simple rituals that you can do it at home every tuesdays and fridays for 3 months using lemon and some red-turmeric-powder…But the person who is suffering must do it! Mind must be under control of the person..how is your son OR do you need any suggestion please reply…

      • Hi, have you had any success with your son? I am in a similar situation, curious about how to help. Any information and/ or techniques you’ve found would be greatly appreciated.

    • hi… are you okay now? i can help provided the mind of your dad must be under his control… you told your dad is blind..Lauren i cannot understand one thing, how does a succubus drive car? isn’t she spiritual? how can a spiritual-immortal being drive a car? what did your mother say? and why did he marry succubus? will your dad listen to what you say him? does he mentally and psychically under his control give me some details…Or how can i help you and what kind of help you want? ask me..btw i am a hindu , we have excellent remedy..but you need to divert your mind little + focus on what your work is..Don’t worry! ..pls reply me if in case you need any-other suggestion.. peace

  12. One thing you can do is burn white sage and devils shoelace, plus sprinkle salt around the person who is being effected. Or contact any body of witch ancestry, it is likely they will still know “Blood magic.” A very powerful form of magic, however, it is crucial that they actually know how to use it. Any slight messup can be quite… Messy to say the least.
    Best of luck.

  13. For one dont listen to christians after all they are the cause of wars and intolerance. As for ridding a demon theirs charms and reaserch upon these ancient demons considering like the jinn they were around before the bible.normally sumarians and that area have recorded rituals of how to deal with the succubi and other demons.

  14. west end of negril dreadful pimp dread lock. demonic uses silent psychic force . enabled by his friends. suffers from a severe mental illness from child hood and birth from what i learned . sells weed and other outsid tourist spots in negril to be avoided to remain mentally stable and not broken of dignity and bankrupt. targets middle age or older women. looking for a pay for pussy you work and he gets money relationship and is devil son . laughs at pain he does to people has a outstanding laugh like that dog on a old cartoon ..
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