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How do you get rid of a ouija board after you have used it?

My friend has a ouija board that she wants to get rid of, but before she does she wants us to use it to see who is in her current home. When she’s alone she starts hearing things, like foot steps above her while shes in the living room or something. Also the other day she told me she shut the bathroom door, and it clicked she checked it twice, when she came back upstairs it was opened. So what should we do after we have used it for the last time?


  1. That depends on whether you believe in their ability.
    If you think Ouija boards are real, then traditioanlly you have to bury it in a sacred place to “cleanse” it. Do not burn or rip it as that apparently makes things worse.
    If you think that Ouija boards are fake simply throw it away.

  2. Just put in a closet, basement,attic…just some where were you store stuff your not gonna use for a while….. i would not suggest destroying it or throwing it away….AND dont set it on fire!

  3. IF she doesn’t believe in it she can just throw it in the trash.
    IF she is a believe well she can do the whole ceremony burning thing that believers suggest.

  4. I think you should watch the movie Witchboard first before you decide to use it (I think that is the name of it). Have you ever wondered why she is the only one hearing or seeing these things. She is always alone when they happen right I wouldn’t use it cause it is said you can’t get rid of them afterwards. If you believe in that sort of thing.

  5. Tap the board, touch it, hold your hands over it or hold it up. Do whatever you want and thank the tool for it’s services, you could say the following: “I no longer need you as a magickal tool and return you to your mundane beginings. Thank you.” <-- this is simply for people who have concecrated the item before use. Magickal tools are merely items that are used to draw or direct energy. It is essential that they be consecrated as a type of baptism and get them infused with your energy. You don't really need to do anything and simply throw it out. I do not believe you have to bury it (the simple statement above is well enough just to not toss out a blessed item. I have no problem throwing out anything, but when an item is blessed I keep it until i remove all magickal intentions from it). Nothing bad will come from tossing it out into the trashcan or burning it or anything,. Do what feels comfortable to you because if you're unsure, you're only going to create an annoying reality for yourself. You are blessed ๐Ÿ™‚ Shadow Storm

  6. Dude, don’t use it. I’ve had enough personal experiences with those things to believe that they’re not just a stupid toy, and they can be dangerous. Just throw it away, and don’t use it. Try and make contact with the spirit in a different way.

    • i used the (Oujia board), sometime ago an nothing ever happened! Since nothing ever took place i felt the board was just a board i don’t believe in any ghost only because i ain’t never seen or heard anything. I also heard that to use the board u must “believe” well i used it, but did not believe. YOU used it an did you believe in it? But i did tossed it in the trash because to me it was an hoax an nothing took place.. Now my question is “Do you get bad luck after you toss it in the trash can”?

  7. If you really want to stop the problems give the board to one of three people 1) Your worst enemy 2) A Wiccan witch or wizard with the info on what the problem is. 3) A friend who has full knowledge of what is happening and will hide it for you away from everyone involved.

  8. Uh, you simply throw it in the garbage. It is sold in game sections of toy stores or Toys ‘R Us, so what does that tell you?

    • you’re an idiot…..let me buy you one and you play with it…then you tell me, the best thing is to throw it away….or better yet burn it.

  9. you could sell it, i know you can sell it on e-bay or amazon.
    But most smart people dont buy them used it is never a good thing.!!
    always buy a ouija board NEW!!!
    (bc you never know why that person got rid of it)
    if it hasnt been that long you can return it to the store you bought it from.
    my family is a fan of ouija boards, we got rid of them just by taking them back to where we bought them and telling them it didnt work.
    But make sure it doesnt look old or anything.

  10. I was at one of my good friends house and all the kids were using the board. The older sister (19) used at college and had some things happen, then she brings it home and a bunch of 14 year olds to use it. They had some scary experience and my friend decided to burn it outside. I do not like messing with spirits around vulnerable teenagers.
    We went outside to burn it and it would not burn, so i poured lighter fluid on it, still would not burn, I poured lighter fluid on it two more times, it still would not burn, while this was going on my friends daughter was telling the spirit to come get her, and flames rose up high, i know she was kidding but you cannot say that. (mind you the girl is real insecure and feels bad about herself alot) I am very into spiritual beliefs and i was trying to protect her, so I slammed my boot in the middle of Ouija board and said a prayer in behalf of everyone. My friend and i had a huge fight over this and now we are not talking and it’s been 3 months. They would not believe what i have studied on
    spirits and evil. She got really mad at me and made fun of me and i as trying to make her understand the circumstances and she drew her fist back and was going to hit me. I said forget i’m leaving and have not spoke to her, I believe the board had put a bad mojo in the room and I was not backing down in my beliefs.

  11. Oh my gosh. Me and my friend just used it and afterwards we got a really bad feeling inside cuz we knew that what we did was a huge mistake because i know it makes everything worse. And now i am not sure how to get rid of it without harming my family and friends. Please help me!! And all of you out there who want to use it don’t do it! just trust me!

  12. Make sure you recycle. Plastic stuff with plastic stuff and cardboard stuff with cardboard stuff. After it’s recycled maybe it will be made into a monopoly game.

  13. You can throw the board away but what ever you let in won’t leave, you need to have the house and the board blessed. Just because you might think you have made contact with a family member or a spirit doesn’t mean that is who it is. You could have made contact with a demon and it could be telling you what you want to hear to gain access to your residence.

    • I have one It’s my 3rd one. The last two was nothing good happening in my home so I through the first two in garbage. The 3rd one is in my garage I know nothing good comes out from using board But something inside is telling me not to throw it away Really I can’t for some reason I know I can open doors that there’s a good chance I can’t close. And still I can’t part with it


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