How Do you Get Past The Vibration Stage in Astral Projection?

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I’ve can never get past it. I just stay there fo like 10 mins, I might get a light feeling, like i’m about to float out of my body but it goes away

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Do you have a hard mattress? Try a soft mattress, it will absorb the vibrations better.


How did you get this vibration?


Keep practicing. It will come when you are ready for it.


it may not occur in the first or second …you by yourself will discover how to do it by practice,,just keep doing it frequently .
and every time you practice you can configure how it works..good that you have the light feelings..maybe you have to be more relaxed (not too excited)


yeah me too!! i had vibrations throughout my body like 4-5 times then, when i get a light feeling it suddenly stops, then after my arm starts to twitch, and move a bit and i still feel like im on my bed. How can i go out of my body? any suggestions??


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