How do you get over self consciousness?





I know I am a beautiful girl but I am soo self conscious about everything.. its hard for me to even express my emotions.. sometimes I feel like I don’t know how to.


  1. You must learn to accept yourself on the outside & inside , on the outside understand that everyone has there flaws and so do u , u are not perfect , no one is and u can look at it that way , what are things u do that make u feel good bout yourself,what is it u like about yourself ? , maybe u could look at the things u dont & work on improving them? are u a fair person overall , physically & personality wise because yes u may be beautiful on the outside but are u as too inside , thats what makes someone beautiful. U can use these things to reassure urself & help u try not to feel so self-conscious & you know actually for some people they don’t like or are not in touch with expressing themselves and that okii thats just who they are , they keep it to themselves or dont want to show too much bout themselves , if thats how u are then ya work on opening up to someone & being more sociable or even try writing down /poetry of what u feel/are going through etc it could help u are at least expressing it , maybe not to someone but on paper , ur letting it out …..

  2. Don’t care about what others thing. Seriously, if you worry about how others will look at you then you will just hurt yourself emotionally and physically by doing what you think others would want you to do. If people don’t like who you are for being you, then it’s their loss. I am sure you are a wonderful person so keep your head up high =]

  3. Just remember that everyone is self conscious about at least one thing. No one is perfect. It’ll pass with age. Enjoy what you have. Tomorrow is never promised.

  4. start believing in yourself and that beauty goes further than skin deep we are our own worst critic start seeing yourself in a different light and let go and live it will take time but you can do it.

  5. just wisper “I am beautiful” to yourself over and over again you will be so intent on repeting it that your mind wont wander onto your insecurities

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