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How do you get negative energy from following you?

It seems as though sometimes certain people, no matter what they do, can’t seem to shake the negative things in their life. I was wondering, from a NON_RELIGIOUS point of view what experiences some of you have had in overcoming this problem?


  1. Not religious but spiritually scientific point of view. I use to always be negative and think negative things. I learned that our thoughts are things and they attract like energies. If we think negative it brings other energies like that to us such as ghosts and negative people and situations. So I began practicing controlling my thinking which began with chanting the Maha Mantra (the great mantra for deliverance from all illusion and misery and negavity) for more info read Bhagavad Gita as it is BY Bhaktivedatna Prabhupada- tells how to solve all problems in life and our purpose as humans

  2. check out http://www.zukav.com this man Gary Zukav can be very enlightening.
    you have to see things more positively.
    what flows out of you, is coming back to you 10 fold.
    cleanse yourself (spirit/aura/soul) by some burning sage around you, its called ‘smudging’

  3. Simple, I disregard it.
    If bad news has my name on it, I just don’t accept delivery, and that takes care of about 90% of it. Most of the crud we put up with is absolutely unneccessary. And frankly, most of THAT is due to someone being lazy.
    Everything else that makes through that proccess is mine, all mine :-/

  4. You need to think positively. If you have eyore syndrom (poor me) you dont notice all the good that is happening and old fixate on the bad. Just be greatful for all of the things that are going right and shake off the things that arn’t working. Oprah did a show kind of about this. There is a video or something called “The Secret”

  5. Believe.
    Mind power is a wonderfully overlooked aspect in our lives that can help us along the way. Study up on it a bit, you’ll see.

  6. I try to be around people who are positive. If I see someone is having a bad day or in a bad mood, I stay away from that person. Sometimes though, negative things to us for no reason or no fault of our own. That is called fate. Today was Friday 13th and most people are scared of even leaving the house on this day because they think something bad will happen. Well, nothing bad happened to me today and I was all over the place.
    I guess the best thing to do is be positive and think positively. Then you are a step ahead of the game if something negative should happen.


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