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How do you get negative energy away from you?

I believe in God, Jehova, to be the one and only true God, but, negative energy seems to come in spurts in my life, and usually when I feel it coming, things turn out not to be good, my question is, how do I divert negative energy.


  1. when you feel negative energy…that’s the time you should start looking for anything that is positive…..make a list of 20 things that were positive in your life everyday….it can be as small as somebody saying hi to you or letting you go first in line….when you start looking for anything positive its amazing how your view of the world changes

  2. Sometimes I do too. I pray quickly & ask for God to help me. I just stop–& pray. I cant go any further until its away from me. Not a lie, I have expierienced it as well.

  3. On the show, “A Haunting” played on the Discovery and watched by me, they burn sage to get rid of negativity, and pour sea salt around to get rid of evil things living in their homes.
    They also do meditations, to call on the “White Light.”

  4. Acknowledge and know what objects or people contribute to that negative energy production, and do your very best to avoid them.
    Stay positive amidst all the negativity.

  5. Hot water works best for me.
    I sit in a comfortable chair and soak my feet in the hot water.
    Sometimes I turn off my cell phone, too.

  6. First of all; hey there sister!
    Secondly, the ways I try to get rid of negative energy is first by praying, and then doing some breathing and stretching exercises while listening to some ambient, soothing music. That usually clears my mind and body of all negative energy and gives me a renewed spirit.

  7. If you are JW better find a group that believe that Jesus was God who manifested int he flesh(1 Tim 3:16, John 1:1, John1:14, Heb1:3 )
    Stop believing that the almighty God created a mighty God to help Him .
    If you have problem or in distress call the Name of Jesus.
    “For there is none other Name given among men under heaven whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12
    God bless you.


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