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How do you get intouch with your aura?

When you get intouch with your aura, its like getting instincts or intuition. I once followed my heart before but now I feel like I’m thinking more than I use to. Like when I play certain games, I think of ways to complete the game but never do instead of just doing it.
I’m thinking wayyyy too much before I walk. I want to walk before I think.
How do you get instincts and follow what your heart says? I can’t feel anything that my heart says.


  1. You misunderstand the meaning of aura. Aura is your essence basically. Aura isn’t your inner self
    Like it was mentioned above, if you wish to get in touch with your inner self, you should learn to meditate 🙂

  2. What the heck is an “aura”? I mean, what is it really? I doubt there are two people out there that can give me the same answer to that question.
    Your real problem is that you’re in a funk. It’s a psychological problem and you need to figure out what’s bothering you so you can tackle it and get back into a comfortable way of thinking.


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