• Succubus is real.
    I’ve been involved with one for over 30 years.
    These spirits come to you by one of two ways. Either they pick you or summoned by ritual.
    I do not suggest ritual. It is dangerous in many ways and you can’t be sure what might come through. I will not provide any information regarding rituals.

    I’m happily married with 3 kids, have a good IT related job troubleshooting networks and very much fact oriented.
    Not lonely, depressed or anything else. Just like your neighbor.

    Read my entry into the Yahoo group in the link below for more info about myself and my experience.

    If you are paticularly sensitive to spirits and think about them, chances are better about attracting the attention of one.
    But make no mistake.
    These are spirits. Real, living entities.
    They’ve been around for milleniums and are smarter, whittier than we are. They have a one track mind and that is sex with human.

    This is not a Southpark episode or hollywood movie. They aren’t your personal pleasure doll. They require and earn respect.

    The true loving feelings and raw intimate pleasure far exceeds the human to human experience. Once the relationship begins, you will likely loose interest in any human partner. If you are married, that might suffer and/or you won’t have any interest in a future human intimate relationship.
    The feeling is highly addictive. Those are the only possible drawbacks.

    These spirits have different personalities one to another just like us humans. Some are nice, some not so nice and everywhere inbetween. Some don’t mind sharing with a spouce or boy/girlfriend. Some will not tolerate anyone else and make sure the human “other” leaves.

    I’m part of an online community of others experiencing the same things and is more widespread than you know. Succubus is always been misunderstood.

    Take the Wiki definition for example. See my link below.
    The description has nothing to do with reality. Here are the facts, as we who experience them report:

    1. They do have all the “parts” of humans.
    2. These parts are “Supercharged” for pleasure
    3. They are whitty and smarter than we are.
    4. They don’t drain energy. Just opposite.
    5. They have 1 thing on their mind and it isn’t mischief.
    6. They have a wide range of personalities just as humans.
    7. Interaction is when wide awake, not sleeping.
    8. They can look like, sound and feel like anything or anyone- what ever it takes for their (and the human’s) pleasure.
    9. Humans never “finish” while interacting with them. It’s more a “Liquid bath of intimate love and extacy”.

    I experimented with psychic things back in the 1970’s, early 80’s and came across a few evil, milevolent entities. Succubus is exacly opposite.

    So how exactly did they get the evil demon label?
    The Inquisition was a dark time for the Catholic church as it emposed its influence and power over the European countryside. Pagans considered many spirits to be beneficial to man. A helper.

    Jusuit priests rounded up all these spirits and stamped them “Evil”. “Demon” in order to control the Pagans.

    Heck, they firmly believed epileptic seizure as solid proof of demonic possession.

    Much of the bad stigma continues today.
    See my other link below. Also look at the sources Wiki cites as Kramer, Heinrich and Sprenger, James (1486) Notice the year?

    It is no wonder they are so illusive, so secretive in their ways.
    No wonder so many people experiencing this keep to themselves for ridicule.

    So do you still want a LIFETIME relationship with an intimate spirit?
    Are you sure? You need to be certain. Once down that road there is *no* going back.

  • is that because you cant get any with a real person?????? dont worry it happens to a lot of people… not me because I’m not a freak but keep believing and it might just happen (who am i kidding, of course it wont)

  • You go to a succubustop and wait for a succubus to arrive. Or if you are such in a hurry and can afford extra money, just take a succutaxi.

  • well, in town i’m sure it’s more expensive… but you have to know the contacts….

    i think they also take credit cards these days, so it’s probably not too hard to get one.


  • Just need to be male and happens while you sleep

    If you are female then it would be an incubus but again when you are asleep

    but I don’t think you just go and get one if they feel like it they come and get you

  • In real life? You dont
    In warcraft? A Quest for Warlocks
    In Myth? a succubus is a demon, so probably from hell. Quite possibly summoned via some kind of ritual?

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