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How do you get a "friendly aura" around you?

I keep hearing some people exude a friendly aura. Now, I am a very nice guy, yet I’ve been told I come off looking like a penis (synonym) sometimes.
What can I do to make myself appear more approachable and friendly? Please don’t say smile, cause smiling at strangers or smiling randomly is just creepy lol.


  1. You don’t have to go around smiling, but you can work at having a pleasant look on your face. The best strategy to acheive that is to totally relax your face muscles and then just barely turn up the corners of your mouth. It usually achieves a kind of “serene” and approachable look. Try it in the mirror and see what you get.
    The other thing you can do is to make an effort to put some positive energy out there. Be kind to people. Especially strangers who you have to interact with – you know, like store clerks or whatever. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be friendly and pleasant. And then it becomes a habit. Trust me. If you start putting positive energy into the world, it comes back.
    Hope that doesn’t sound too lame. I know it’s kind of simple, but it really does work. Good luck to you. (And an admirable goal, by the way).

  2. by personal hygiene and grooming, ex if i needed to talk to a nurse and saw some scruffy looking bum i wouldnt be looking for any advice. so dressing professional if required and looking your best. also mannerisms and body language. calmness and eyecontact is the biggest energy to give out saying your open for communication.someone looking lost or at the floor is a barrier whered you question it first where as eye contact you already invited them or at least made your self available to them.also style of cothing worn shows styles of personality of either a turn off or similar tastes.

  3. 1) Stop being a penis.
    2) Make a conscious effort to be kind.
    3) Practice random acts of kindness in secret.
    4) Find a food bank and volunteer there once a month.
    Follow these steps, and you WILL have a friendly aura, otherwise, you’re Satan.

  4. I’m 50 years old and people still drive me nuts.
    One gets mad if you look at him. The other gets mad if you don’t. They expect you to know their mood every minute, day in and day out.
    You basically have to stop worrying about what they think, and trying to please everyone. If you want a friend. Be a freind.


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