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How do you get a book you've written that everyone says is great recognized by the public?

I’ve got a print on demand book on the net called Stantasyland it’s a print on demand book of poetry about life in many aspects. People that have read it tell me it gives them words for thoughts they’ve had all their life but, couldn’t find the words for. Others say it’s a spiritual awakening. I haven’t had one bad comment from anyone except maybe the format it has some errors I tried to get it in print before my mother died allowing it to go to the printers with some mistakes. Any way please give me some suggestions for getting it recognized. I’ve given away 200 signed copies and that plan is getting rather costly.


  1. Recognized by the public? You’d have to make it less intellectual, less meaningful, and maybe throw in a few sparkling vampires. Looking for recognition of genius in the public square is like looking for a needle in a flaming haystack. I wouldn’t be concerned about it.
    Personally, I’d rather have a select few who can really appreciate it than masses of jerks who misinterpret and twist it for their own amusement.


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