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How do you gain a ton of power (ie chi/psychic energy) enough to cause ample chaos and scare the normal folk?

You know, like flying, zapping people with force lightning, mind control, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, chronokinesis etc
I’ve already tried in vain to sell my soul to satan, that jerk.

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  1. Play the game. Network. Make the right connections. Learn where people are most vulnerable and then exploit that when you are in a position to reach a new level of success.

  2. Paranormal abilities do not exist.
    If someone states otherwise there is a million dollars waiting for them at the James Randi Foundation.
    (And if they dont want to do it for the money they can always give it away, orphans, poor people, etc)

  3. You can’t sell your soul to him… he doesn’t have anything to give you in return except empty promises. However, that hasn’t stopped some people from trying.
    As for your powers, make a video game or read a comic book. I’ve dabbled with magic and divination in my old life. As a Christian I can tell you it’s all empty and counterfit. None of that stuff is true power. If you want to cause chaos and scare normal folk become a true Christian in the name of Jesus.
    I’ll tell you what, nothing freaks people out like an Anti-Christ giving his heart over to the Lord. Everyone “normal” person I knew were scared of me and their lives, as well as mine, were never the same.
    True power is found in the name of Jesus!!!


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