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How do you find your spirit animal or guide in meditation?

Lolz ive tryed but i just cant open my mind further then a black screen…thx any ideas or tips or something
And by guide i mean spirit guide lolz
Lolz everyone thinks its a wolf..How do you know?
(just wondering)


  1. PATIENCE …. your guide will come to you eventually …. also; increase your meditation time ……
    Turn off that phone , so it will not disturb you …..
    I believe that your guide will be a wolf ….. when she comes to you …
    God Bless ..I’ll leave Blessings of Spirit with you ….

  2. Just give them time. If you’ve spent such a long time away from them, it will take a longer time to find them again. Increase the amount of time that you spend meditating, and maybe try changing the environment around you. You might also need to edit your diet. If it’s an unhealthy one, that might cause you to have a clouded mind.

  3. Patience… You need to fall to a deep sleep where you can let out your astral form… I believe your guide is a wolf as well, she will guide you to the truth. You are blessed with transformation..
    It’s a wolf, I can tell by the way you’re wording your sentences.

  4. This sight should help. I have built a sight for the young witch just starting out and I will list that for you to.
    Good luck on your spiritual journey and brightest Blessings.

  5. You will find your guide. Don’t let anyone else tell you who or what your guide is. Your guide will come to you. Relax and try different forms of meditation. Google meditiation and spirit guide and animal guide and different things will come up. Try what appeals to you. Give it time. If that doesn’t work, try another method. Don’t worry, and don’t rush it.


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