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How do you find your personal tarot card?

The tarot card that speaks about your inner self based on whatever products you use…I’m not sure and I’m sure many people use different methods but I was curious…preferably a psychic with years of experience please


  1. There is no such a thing accordig to all the major teachings on tarot. Every card in Tarot is relative to the others in the reading, and it cannot be broken down any frurther than a single reading.

  2. I agree with Mr. Crank. There is no one ‘personal’ Tarot card. But, guessing from your avatar, I would say the Page of Wands………

  3. It’s usually one of the kings or queens used to represent you, but I suppose you could use one of the other card. Some say it’s by body type, but if you’re drawn to a particular one, then choose that.
    I think a deck of Tarot cards is mainly one tool toward inner knowledge, so the main thing is using them to draw out your own thoughts, rather than requiring a psychic. Use a psychic for other things, such as past lives, the present life, & aura reading. Some are good. I would never go to one of those phonies with the store front or at a fair. The good ones shouldn’t need Tarot cards or crystal ball or anything.

  4. As far as I know, there is no one card that is your personal card. Each time you do a reading or have one done for you, the cards change according to the current conditions in your life.
    In the Celtic Cross spread, the first card down is the essence of what is happening in your life, but again, that is only for the current circumstances and will change with every reading.

  5. There is something called your personal tarot card. It tells you something about your character or how your character should be. By adding the digits of your birthday you can figure out what Major Arcana Card you are.
    Mine is
    6-9-1963 so 6+9+1+9+6+3=34
    34=3+4=”7″ – The Chariot
    This tell me that my life purpose is initiating change in society, developing a self-belief, bearer of good new and learning to be more assertive, overcoming challenges. Travel is important to me. I am at risk for an over-inflated ego, arrogance, blah blah blah, 🙂
    Now you can use identifiers such as The Page of Whatever, but you have to sort of relate to the card. As a reader I could see a woman or man and make a pre-judgement about their personalities and apply it to a card, but that is an assumption unless I pick something up on them. I prefer the Numerology method.


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