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How do you find your animal spirit guide?

I did a meditation last night before I went to sleep to find my animal spirit guide. I dreamt vividly of a dolphin!
Could this be my animal spirit guide? I never thought of myself as a ‘dolphin’ person. I’ve had some wonderful encounters with hummingbirds, so I thought they were my spirit guides.
Can someone give some insight? Thanks.
I know there are going to be religious zealots, or people who think I am insane–please do yourself a favor and respect my question and those who answer it sincerely. Every person has there own path to self-discovery in this life. thanks.

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  1. This does not sound like something approved by Scripture, or YHVH. It sounds like spiritualism, where a gullible person is led astray by a fallen angel. (devil)

  2. You can have more than one totem animal spirit that guides you in life. Dolphin and Hummingbird are very awesome totems to have.
    Dolphin has to do with the breath of life and spirit.
    Hummingbird is about pure joy and beauty.
    You may want to delve more into totems to see what they are all about.
    I’ll post some links for you.
    Many blessings on your path.

  3. It’s possible that the dolphin is your animal spirit guide. The best thing to do is to read up on dolphins more and try to learn about them.
    Be warned: the statement that “dolphins are perfectly sweet and peaceful animals” is false. Dolphins are predators, and are one of the few species that actually goes to war in groups. They are very sexual beings and the males tend to form stong pair bonds.
    An animal spirit guide often presents itself to you in clear ways, so if you’ve had repeated experiences with hummingbirds that seemed meaningful to you that could be a sign. It’s also possible to have more than one animal spirit guide, and for animal spirit guides to change over time as you learn and grow.
    Good luck, and have fun exploring!

  4. Meditation. (Which you’ve already done.) Kallan is right, as far as totem animals go the dolphin is a good one. You can also have more then one totem animal, yours are probably dolphins and hummingbirds. I know to the ancient Greeks the dolphin was considered to be a sacred messenger of the Gods and a dynamic blessed symbol of the sea.

  5. I usually just open the back door and whistle for Fido to come in.
    And believe me, when I take him for a walk, it’s him that guides me!
    (Dolphin? You’ve spent too much time at Sea World.)

  6. I know what my animal spirit guide is because it revealed itself to me when i was 12 years old. (it was very scary)
    i was watching TV in the living room and i heared a noise, so i looked over and there was a beautiful “Huge” white wolf laying by the door. and as soon as it came it vanished.
    I was too scared to even scream :o)
    a few years later i got into the craft and now i know what it was.
    The only advice i can give you is, dont make your guide into what YOU want it, if your deams revealed a dolphin then that is most likely what your guide is, dont make this an ego thing.
    )O( Blessed Be!

  7. there is a book called “animal spirit guides” it was written by a native american ..its about coming in contact with different animals and what they are trying to tell you, or what it means. very insightful. and as for the non believers dont worry when the spiritual revolution comes, they will be the ones left in the dark. happy journey my friend

  8. Iv wondered if the dolphin was my spirit guide too.. Ever since I was little they always played a huge role in my life… And its always small things that happen also.. No matter the time of day i always see dolphins at the beach.. swimming in the ocean off shore i always have them come close enough to reach out and touch, When i had my son he came 2 months early and his hospital nicu room had dolphins all over it.. I was baptized in the ocean and i had dolphins jumping behind me. I tattooed 2 dolphins on my ankle, the ones my son had in his nicu room. Several people have mentioned they are my guide but i never really thought to much about it


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