Home Discussion Forum How do you find out what colour(s) your aura is?

How do you find out what colour(s) your aura is?

Is there a spell?


  1. It could be found through a spell, but touch and perception are easier ways of feeling and discerning auras.Therapeutic Touch is one way to access the energy surrounding ourselves. Mine is vibrant and radiates orange and red. This seems strange to me since I gravitate towards blue, green and purple. I think, in my case, the quest is to neutralize the heat with a little coolness. Maybe it’s true, opposites attract.

  2. Huh, I’m not sure- my guess is that it’s most likely the same colors that you’re attracted to (or, in Child of Atlantis’ case, the colors you seek). Good question!

  3. Auras change color, and we have a couple of different layers of them as well. There’s a book called “Auras, See them in only 60 seconds” By Mark Smith. With a little paitents, a pocket full of persistence, and a backpack of willingness, you could begin to see the first etheric auric layer, which is closest to the body. Get the book by Smith, for the details on the process, its published by Llewellyn,go to http://www.llewellyn.com
    Buy the book,”How to read Auras” and follow the instructions, it only takes persistance


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