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How do you find out what color Aura you have?

I don’t mean doing those stupid online quizzes. Do you have to go to someone who can see auras, or is there a way you can find out yourself?


  1. If you believe in that, and I do, there’s different ways you can go about it.
    You can find an aura photographer, in which they take a picture of you, with a special camera that shows your auras. Auras are usually a mix of colors, if you go to images on google or something, and type in aura photography, you’ll see.
    Be careful when going to psychics, most are frauds. If you go to a place that’s know for selling genuine wicca type items and stuff, the owner may have a gift. It never hurts to ask.

  2. I was told that you look through a candle flame into a mirror. It has to be a dark room. I tried to see my aura this way,and scared the living crap out of myself.When there is little light,and lots of shadows flickering you can see a whole lot more then colors! I saw me with horns. The bedroom light switch was on the other side of the room. and around my bed. I was frozen with fear! I made a break for it,flew over my bed and got the light back on. I decided I must have good colors cause I am a good person and left it like that!

  3. im good with auras and btw person above me ur not saposed to use a candle light to see ur aura it causes thow candle ligght shadows which is why u got tht reaction
    anyways to help u see auras u have to softly lighten the room with a lamp or a small amount of natural daylight u can use a large mirror so tht u can veiw ur reflection but its more fun and easy w/ a friend make sure u or ur friend stays still during the prosses of this the space behind u or ur friend must have an empty wall or this may cause u to see the wrong colors begin looking at the space beside ur friend so tht u can only see there physical body in ur periperal vision and allow ur eyes to soften there focus its usefull to take a few deep breath and try to let go of “trying” to see these colors or movement bc u stillmight not see them eather way takes practice.close ur eyes for a few moments nd focus ur intention on being open to seeing energy feilds around the body when u open ur eyes do not open them fully allow ur vision to stay unfocused once again seeing u or ur friends physical body in ur peripheral vision gradually move ur head so tht you trace the outline of u or ur friends head and body with ur eyes notice you see a diffrent quality (it may not be colors for ur 1st atempt) of the air around u or ur friends head? after a few moments close ur eyes and take a few breaths repeat ther prosscess a cople of times…
    if you need any questions tht need to be answerd please email me at emokitty316@yahoo.com ill get w/you in prolly a day or even the SAME day u email it to me (THIS GOES FOR EVERY1 WHO READS THIS COMMENT AND NEEDS HELP) ok well hope this helped goodbye:D

  4. Auras can change depending on your mood, so you don’t really have a set color….
    Aura photos are a great way to capture your aura– and you have a cool take home to look back on. You can find many at psychic fairs and even at metaphysical bookstores.
    Also important is that you have someone who can interpret the colors for you and tell you what it means. Look for someone who you feel good about who has been doing it for a long time.
    Anyone can look online and tell you if you have red in you’re aura, you’re angry. This isn’t always that simple (nothing is!) Find someone who can weave together the full picture for you in a way that is helpful.
    You can also see it for yourself or have a friend read it for you– as reading your own energy is often tricky :-). Simply stand in front of a white background and let your eyes become unfocused… like when you cross your eyes and then relax them. Look gently around the outside of the body and see what you can see– even if you don’t “see” anything, pay attention to what you feel, sense, and think. These will all help you to tell the color of your aura.
    Have fun and keep practicing!

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