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How do you find a good psychic/medium in the UK?

I want to go for a psychic/medium reading but want to go to someone who has a good reputation. I have only just moved to this area so don’t know who I can ask, does anyone know if there is an official register?


  1. you wont….theyre all fakes and in cohoots with the devil….dont waste money…humans dk the future….only God does..

  2. Surely if they’re any good and you need their services, they should be able to find you?
    Just trying to be constructive.

  3. LOL… this is an interesting question.
    How do you measure “good” in terms of psychics? Is it based on the affordability of their fee? …the degree of accurate guesses they make? …the design of their tent? …the size of their crystal balls?
    LOL … “Bad Liberal” has it figured out. If they haven’t already called you with the answers you need, they aren’t worth a chit.
    Fireball… You’re in serious need of help.

  4. Put a sign up in your bedroom saying:
    Good psychic or medium. Willing to pay top rates.
    Place it somewhere that it can not be seen from outside.
    A good psychic or a good medium will be aware of this sign and will contact you.
    Anyone who does not know of the sign is a fake.

  5. Fire ball you never cease to amaze me …
    Good luck … make sure you go with someone you are comfortable with …

  6. Be careful! Ask around and be prepared to discover that there are a lot of ‘cowboys’ out there. Genuine mediums are very few and far between. However they do exist and you will find them by their reputation. Meduimship is a gift so try to avoid the professional ‘show’ characters who will amaze with tricks but only have the learned variety.
    Remember to test them with a simple question or two. If they are genuine, they will allow this and you will not be disappointed. Good luck.

  7. Hello
    If you wish to visit by reputation, have faith & you will find someone when the time is right.
    see profile 🙂


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