How do you figure …we heal Spiritually?





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REcently I had a surgery, and am discovering ….it takes a long time for the body to be healed…my energy has been low and in thinking about this ..I wondered about …how wonderful in a way that the body works non stop in healing itself….So if we could glimpse into the Spiritual world and see …what do you think we would see? In regards to both physical and Spiritual healing? I am new at thinking like this so if I have somehow worded this incorrectly…please have some forbearance…looking in anticipation for your insights and wisdom’s….thanking you in advance for dully considering this question>
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Answer by theone78
Yes — Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made and creator by God !!! It’s simply amazing — God Bless !


  1. I know one who needed open-heart surgery to replace a valve that was failing due rheumatic heart disease. In my mind I looked at her heart but was drawn to its electrical control centre. When I spoke to her next I explained this and she was shocked. Then she told me that not only did she have the valve problem but also arrhythmia and needed surgery soon to fix it. Let me cut a long story short. In her next operation to burn the faulty nerve impulse causing the arrhythmia I said I would open my mind body to her at the same time. When I spoke to her next I described the sensations she was feeling and the intense pain in my left arm (she said they thread the electrode through a vain in her arm to reach the heart) She also said she had felt little pain which was very different from the last time she had this operation. She then believed me when I said I could see her valve and cause it to repair itself, her heart was healed. Truly, the next time she visited her doctor who was monitoring her condition he was shocked and said it is functioning normally and called off the surgery, after 20+ years of rheumatic heart disease destroying her valve her faith had healed her heart.
    Physically, spiritually I know there is no separation. Just faith but most need proof before they can believe.
    To heal the spirit don’t do what you hate. Be good, fair and just and the spirit will heal. It is so simple to say yet hard for most to be, it is our choice.
    Do you still wonder? 🙂 I recognise you.

  2. Hi.
    I don’t believe I could put it any better than Kasey just did.
    Thanks Kasey!
    Peace and prosperity to you both!
    And YES…We are wonderfully made! I am glad your surgery was successful.

  3. I feel that it has a lot to do with discovering life debilitating fears and overcoming them…also through self discovery and forgiveness of the self and others 🙂 In this way pain transforms into growth and ultimately into JOY. This process could also be looked at like the process of trusting love. When trust and love merged for me I experienced unconditional love for the first time on a spiritual level/awareness. In that timeless moment all fear was released and healing took place.
    Another wonderful question. Much love and light to you!

  4. Spiritual healing takes a long time. Sometimes an entire life can be spent trying to get over the wounds we recieve in childhood. We constantly fight the same demons, we can’t ever let our guard down, cause when we do, the crack lets in the worst pain we could ever imagine….

  5. I have healed myself before through Thought.
    Imagination is a powerful tool.
    Its not just for fun and games.
    Use your imagination as a focus point to surface energy into the areas you need it.
    You will heal much more rapidly.
    Go on…. give it a try

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