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How do you figure out Astrology and your sign?

I’m quite curious on figuring out my personality and such through Astrology.
I know that i am a cusp between cancer and Leo, but i also show traits of Capricorns and geminis.
But how do i figure out more about it?


  1. umm your zodiac sign is the month and date you were born. for example i was born on April 7. so im a aries. go to astrology.com or google horoscopes. then your sign will be the sign that has your bday in it. those traits and things in that will tell you about the traits and things you should have.

  2. It depends on your b-day . you say you are on cusp between leo and cancer. That just says that at times you could be loud and vivacious like the leo but you feel very attached to your home, like cancer. Now I am a cancer but, yes, sometimes I feel like a gemini. wanna know why??? that is how cancers are. we love being the center of attention even if we may not admit it Geminis and cancers are very closely related beause we are side by side on the zodiac. Also, Capricorns are opposite of cancer in the zodiac but cancers do have a capricornian trait: we like success( who doesn’t, really?) we like acheiving stuff to make a secure stable home. This may be more true if you check out the rest of your chart. Go to: http://astro.cafeastrology.com/cgi-bin/astro/natal
    Hope i helped! (even just a little bit! : ) )


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