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How do you figure out a timeframe in a tarot card reading?

I am currently learning Tarot card reading, but I don’t understand how readers figure out the time frame in the readings. How can u establish whether the card means months or years?
Any tips would be good and technqiues.


  1. If you’re doing the reading for yourself, I think depending on the position of the cards and the card itself, you will have a pretty good idea of what time frame it is referring to. You know your life. If you’re reading for someone else, they will have an idea for themselves, too. To me, tarot cards will tell you nothing more than what you could discern for yourself if you would just sit down and be honest with yourself about your life and the choices you make, the people you are involved with, etc. It is simply a tool to clarify and magnify things in order for you to see what MAY happen if you continue on the path you are currently travelling.

  2. I think that the root of that problem is that the universe does not see time the way that we see time, so when we ask the cards it tends to lump EVERYTHING into one big lesson. We tend to view things as seperate that the universe sees as continuations 🙂 The universe wants to give us the Life Cliff notes, but we really just wanted to know what happens in the third scene. To get around that and make sure we are all on the same page, I like to specify up front what time frame I am looking at in the question. When you are using something like the Celtic spread you can look at the above and below cards as long term influences (usually a year or more) while behind and infront of you tend to be shorter term influences (months or days not years). Then the foundations (7&8) tend to be more of a really long term influence.
    If you are using a 3 card spread of past, present and future just specify a time frame. I like to think of things in seasons and half of years so 3 months or 6 months is long enough for some questions to play out. Some require more time.
    I hope that helps!
    Enjoy your universe!


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