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How do you "feel" someone's chakra? How can you tell if their open or closed?


  1. Chakra are the energy centers of the body – the invisible bodily energy that the earth also shares. ‘Feeling’ someone’s chakra is less then a simple knowlage – enough training can allow you to ‘know’ their chakra.
    The method of doing so can be achieves via meditation, which in itself is an art to master. The second way to do it, of course, is to learn to clear, and open your mind at a moments notice, before ‘feeling’ said someone else’s spirit and chakra. Through that method, the knowlage will drift to your mind – though the next challenge would be to stop your mind rejecting the knowlage automatically – the effect of your contious mind trying to grip to the reality it is shown by its five senses, instead of the reality revealed by the sixth.
    Hope it helped!

  2. Hello
    The ‘feeling’ how ever it is seen or felt is done clairvoyantly in most cases.
    I’m a spiritual healer & I balance the chakras whilst doing so. I see them as images, words, sensations within my hands, colours.
    Your intuitive self will tell you what ‘state’ anothers energy system is in.


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