Home Discussion Forum how do you feel after reiki attunement?

how do you feel after reiki attunement?

i had mine a few hours ago and i feel a bit shaky and sick is this normal – although i feel good too?


  1. yes, it’s completely normal. I would suggest you lay down until the feeling passes, it is the Reiki energy that is re-aligning the energy flow in your body…everyone reacts to this in different manners.

  2. As Reiki does nothing whatsoever – being as it is a load of old codswallop, about aligning energy lines that have no actual existence at all, any feeling is purely psychosomatic!

  3. Well done you.
    I felt as though i was going to fall over when i had mine and some people have been sick with theres.
    Yes it is normal, it is your way of dealing with the slight changes, but i felt amazing after and after a while it will go (the sickness i mean).
    Did you do the merkabar? if so think what was involved with it and then you will understand why you feel sick.

  4. Usually, you dont feel anything after the attunement. The REIKI Attunement is the major difference between Reiki and other hands-on healing methods. The REIKI Attunement is a gift of empowerment, a blessing of personal transformation from Spirit, the I AM, the Source, God, Goddess, or however you identify pure, ultimate Consciousness.
    The Reiki Attunement is a formal ritual that celebrates the personal decision to align yourself to the Reiki ‘frequency’ of pure healing energy to bring health and balance into every aspect of your life and the lives of everyone around you.
    Your Attunement is performed by a Reiki Master, who acts as the conduit for the blessing. While you sit in a chair, the Master begins the ceremony behind you, continues by coming in front and drawing/blowing sacred symbols into your aura, hands, and heart, and concludes the ritual standing behind you.
    To experience a Reiki Attunement is to experience Unconditional Love, to open to a unique path of spiritual experience, and to join the blossoming Sisterhood/Brotherhood of Lightworkers in service to humanity.

  5. The fact that you feel shaky and sick would indicate that you did not drink enough water after the attunement. I have done over 1000 attunements and I always tell my students to “drink till you sink”. It is the only was to counteract the detox that takes place affter attunements OR healing. ALWAYS drink water after giving Reiki or receiving it.
    Anyone who says Reiki is “codswollop” (I think that was the word!) has obviously never experienced the energy. Closed minds often deny what they have never experienced. I have been there, so I speak from experience.

  6. This is very normal, just make sure you drink plenty of water, it may be your body releasing built up toxins so that you can be a better channel for the universal energy. I haven’t been attuned yet, but my mum is a reiki master, she said when she was attuned she felt a rush of emotion as if a flood gate had been opened and she cried her eyes out. Apparently that is quite common reaction, it can cause all sorts of emotions or reactions, from crying to laughing in fits of hysterics, to serene calmness….everyone is different and experiences it differently; some have no reaction at all.
    Good luck, my mum says reiki has changed her life in so many positive ways.


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