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How do YOU feel about this?

Is there a similarity between the structure of an atom, and the structure throughout the universe. Both are packed with energy. Maybe they are layed out differently because different sizes of structure work under different laws of physics.
Maybe just as atoms and subatomic particles configure themselves to produce the human brain, (the mother of all consciousness as we know it), the universe could also be a molecular structure of an bigger brain (and therefor higher consciousness).
Maybe the different sized structures adhere to different laws of physics… Making our own understanding of our universe and what we are made of a narrow understanding, governed by the physical senses of which our universe/structure adheres.
What do you think?
PAUL, I am aware that this is just a theory… i am not claiming or demanding any kind of position of merit (LIKE EVERY RELIGION ON THE PLANET) I am simply sharing a fascinating theory of existence which at this time seems far more plausible than most of our flying spaghetti monsters
There would be a way to prove it physically if we were able to either ‘zoom-out’ and look at the universe from the outside… OR we could ‘zoom-in’ and magnify in until we see the same thing as the universe (but set out in a different way).
This is the difference of this theory and that of any religion and it is narrow minded and ignorant of you to compare the two.


  1. look at the chances of how the world came to be…
    the numbers are like… *whoah holeeeee craaaaaaaa…*
    …anyway you can just simply see how great the intervenor is and the way how systematically has he done for such a structure was made…
    we are all way past intricately designed and so is the universe… we cannot really explain everything… but thinking about it makes you think how amazing everything seems to be…
    nice profound thought-provoking statement… i like it… 😀

  2. This is really like religion. There is no way you are able to prove it and no way you are able to disprove it. Personally I think it is a load of pretentious cobblers. No offence implied.
    Call me narrow minded and ignorant if you wish but my guess is that I understand a lot more of that article to which you refer than you do. And, to be quite honest, I think flying spaghetti monsters is more plausible than what you purport to be a theory.

  3. this is an intresting point. yeah, i suppose our universe could be the nucleus (or even proton) of a atom, and the dimension in between these spaces are too large for use to travel to ,hence seem infinate to us. however, this is a very controversial theory, is there any way to prove such things? especially , it needs to be tooken into account fundamentality of photon ect… but, maybe they only seem fundamental because of the forces acting (which if proven my suggest a big crunch ending to our universe) its also weird to think the laws of our universe become gibberish ( i think there is some new evidence to suggest size effects the laws of physics, im not sure) and all out know mathematics means nothing! intresting theory, some good points raised. im not an expert, im just say what i think, i havent really have a clue.


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