How do you feel about the expansion of the universe?

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We know the universe is expanding because as galaxies move further away from us, the wavelengths grow shorter and appear to be red- that’s called the law of the red shifts. Does this mean anything to you spiritually?
Also, the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate (the empty space between galaxies), which is only possible if there is some sort of force pulling on it. No one knows what this force is although there are several hypothesis. Do you take this to be some sort of spiritual thing?
Julian, the universe isn’t coming together, the galaxies are moving further apart from one another.

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It’s amazingly spiritual in the Einsteinian sense. It reminds us of the beauty and magnitude of the universe.




Regardless of what the forces are, it has to be a singluar force guiding the universe into unity. Logically, if it was a contrasting force, the universe would be pulling apart and resisting the force, but if your conclusions are true, and that the universe is coming together, it must be a unitying force.
As for the universe expanding, I believe it is imitating the ideal form of God. It expands into infinite time and space because God is infinity and endless time.


I think it lacks the force to keep it together, but that’s just me.

Father K

Better than the alternative, I reckon.


No. The expansion of the universe means nothing to me spiritually.
However, it does keep me in a job.


I feel great about it. I don’t have an opinion
about the wavelengths, but I believe we, as souls are expanding in ways that parallel the universe. My only difference is that the force is not outside of us pulling, but inside of us, pushing out.


I have no objections.


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