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  1. I think Tarot cards are a fascinating cultural artifact. It should be mentioned that Tarot cards are not only used in divination or fortune telling. Tarot cards are also used to play certain card games which are still popular in many European countries such as France, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria. In fact, Tarot cards were originally intended for game playing and not for fortune telling. I think it is shameful that the whole history of these cards and how they are also used in games still remains unknown by the general public.

  2. I use them, and they are accurate for me.
    But if you give a scalpel to just anybody – don’t expect them to use it wisely and perform a successful operation with it.
    I could give you a pallate of paints and a brush, but I won’t be expecting a Mona Lisa from you because you are not practiced
    The cards are a tool – but you must lean to use that tool before it is of any use.

  3. They are a tool that give possible futures and in-site into yourself. They can not give an actual future unless you remain on the same path you are on when the reading is given. In the end it is you who determine your future, not the cards.

  4. Great question!
    I’ve studied Tarot cards for about 15 years. Their history is very very intriguing. Its been documented that they go back at least as far as the 8th century. Currently the oldest deck on display in a museum is in the early part of the 14th century. This alone sets them apart from other oracle decks and other “new age” cliches.
    Also, the symbolism of the cards is very interesting when you study what was going on in the world when they were created. What’s also intriguing is that they are still very relevant today. Each card’s meaning – if read properly using traditional definitions, clearly shows a different aspect of the human experience. When combined, the outcomes are practically limitless but still so relevant.
    Even if you don’t believe in fortune telling, its undeniable that having suvived for more than 1,200 years, tarot cards have made an interesting mark in world history.
    Me personally, I give professional readings using tarot cards. They are an excellent way to look at an issue from a new perspective, as well as gain insight and motivation. They also offer topics for contemplation and introspection. While that may not sound like much, lets face it, life can be very very hard sometimes. So if someone finds comfort from spending some time with Tarot Cards, I say go for it.
    Just my thoughts. 🙂

  5. Jung is reported to have frequently used them. These cards are suggestive, symbolic, and their long history provides what Jung called a “psychic medium” which, if I understand correctly, can work on both the conscious and unconscious mind by providing a new point of view or, possibly, simply making one think about one´s current situation. Dispense with any automatic rejection or ingenuous belief of long-standing traditions.

  6. Do not use them. Tarot cards are symbolic representations of archaic demons used to channel and summon, to manipulate and assist the practitioner as well as the person who requests such interventions. This type of intervention and fortune telling is done at a price for the services of these entities, meaning your soul is at stake. Do not use them.

  7. I enjoy reading the Tarot, but I’m not sure I trust the answers I get. I do believe that there’s a pool of subconscious knowledge that we can access with divination tools like Tarot, I Ching, runes, etc, and that Tarot readings can help us access truths about our psyches if not the future. I have a friend who does amazingly accurate readings about current issues in my life. It’s spooky.

  8. as a strong believer of quantum waves of probability and the law of attraction, I think it kinda possible that the cards can be unconsciously mixed into an order that may reveal an answer or two.
    It’s these waves of probability and the behavior of electrons that are so suceptible to thoughts. It only takes a fraction of a millimetre for the card to land in the right place. And if you are truly, randomly mixing them without a conscious thought about their order but of the question… it just seems possible to me.
    I also understand how impossible it sounds and do not blindly trust the cards.

  9. They’re OK, but not for three card monte or card tricks.
    ?Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and four people died.?
    Stephen Wright quotes (American Actor and Writer, b.1955)

  10. All type of mystical fortune telling is of Satan.
    I think people do it for money only, and not to help anyone.
    Because people have spent money to have their readings
    and got no results.
    Jesus is a better way.
    He will make the changes in your life that will be good for you.

  11. In the church I was brought up in, which was pretty extreme, I was taught they were horribly evil and etc. But now that I’m older, I think more lighly about all that. I would not base my life or any huge decisions on tarot cards, but I think they’re no big deal just to have fun. Kind of like reading a horoscope. Just for fun and sometimes it’s similar to where you are and you feel a little understood, which is nice. 🙂

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