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How do you feel about someone suggesting that God is not a person or Being, but an Energy of All Things?

Do you think God could be the word used to describe All that Is? The Energy of Everything in the cosmos? I’ve heard all of Religions answers to these…and i don’t wanna hear the bible said so. I want your instincts, your basic human feeling on the subject, regardless of what anyone has ever told you.


  • And don’t forget that we are made in God’s image 🙂
    lol, our wisdom is foolishness in God’s eyes and it is scripture that children have more wisdom than the wise man.
    I’ll say it like this. Any wisdom you do have about who God is will come from God. I suggest you humble yourself and ask God for answers.
    And keep in mind that we walk by faith not sight.
    Just believe.

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    ” God ” is pure Light. Light, energy. All is evolved out of that Light, that energy.

    Light, energy does not have a body as we humans have. Light, energy does not have limbs, eyes, feet, etc.

    “God” is Love. That One Light, pure energy, is pure Love. Pure Love has no shape, form, body structure . . . Pure Love is shapeless, formless … Pure Love is Light, energy.
    I think the Bible does make reference(s) to that effect and does make references to the Light. That being the case, that’s not where I gathered source information about the Light. The source I gathered that awareness of simply Knowing . . . the Knowingness within.

    The Bible stating that we were formed in the image of “God”. That “image” is up for interpretation. Might that “image” be the unity of the One Light’s (God’s) Light ?

  • It is often said that the whole is more than the sum of the parts. Also, energy and matter are interchangeable – E=MC^2.

    So, “an energy of all things” would have some high level of complexity. Then how would such overwhelming complex structure not be something conscious at that scale? This sounds like Intelligent Design, but it is the exact opposite in that we, the little beings, are to realize a singularity of sort.

    The reasoning is inductive in that we human are conscious and therefore the combined consciousness of all the beings in the universe could emerge as a greater consciousness at that level, eventually if not already so. Is that not how a group of individuals consciously cooperating to survive as a species?

    The world seems to emerge out of the simple and accumulate to form the complex and conscious.

  • as an agnostic pantheist i imagine that “God” is in everything, is everything, is the matter manifesting energy, the vibrations that cause subatomic particles to dance realities into existence. i imagined this as a truth long before i read up on the String Theory. no physicist am i but somehow my instincts were good enough that my imaginings coincide with the theories of some very ingenious scientists and mathematicians, which is kinda cool.

    i have no way of knowing if said omnipresent energy is self aware and sentient. it could be but i’m just a infinitesimal barely evolved primate living on a tiny dirt ball spinning in a vast universe of possibilities so i how can i honestly say i know.

  • Energy doesn’t posses intelligence. In order to create there must be intelligence to supply the information.
    Therefore, the creator must have both power and intelligence. that makes Him a person.

  • A person or being cannot be GOD and GOD is not like energy no one can define GOD unless he has much knowledge about islam a true and forever religion and we cannot say HIM only a power HE is WHO is out of our brain approach just believe HIM as HE is and don’t create confusion for yourself by thinking this type of question.GOD is Almighty.

  • If God were a being of energy, then he would be subject to all of the same rules that energy is. If a God existed, I would believe it is not at all energy. It would likely be something that we are not aware of.

  • I don’t think anything about it as it is all mumbo jumbo. I know the truth so it doesn’t matter to me. God is the Almighty Being.

  • I wouldnt call it “God”, I would just call it energy

    A god is a conscious powerful deity.
    Energy does not have the characteristics of a god

    However your view(if that is yours) is kind of like a pantheistic viewpoint.
    Which is a type of atheism
    A “sexed up atheism” as Richard Dawkins describes it

  • That’s Pantheism.

    If’s a valid enough viewpoint.

    Certainly no-one seems prepared to kill and torture large numbers of people to promote it, which is always a good thing.

  • I feel what someone chooses to believe is okay with me, as long as what I believe is okay with them.

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