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How Do You Feel About Past Life Aggression?

I have a thought. I was wondering if past life regression could help people suffering from depression or mood disorders?
So many are resistant to medications and I wondered if learning about their past could give them some insight into the way they feel now?
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Sorry everyone I did intend to use
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Very good points!
However nobody mentioned the idea that there could have been positive and good events which happened in the person’s past life.
Or the fact that they may have been molded to be a certain type of person that does not fit in with the present day.
Example: If you lead a current life of constant pitfalls and depression,then did a past life therapy session and discovered you were a very productive and or happy individual in your past life -wouldn’t that give you some hope or motivation to fix the present?


    oh hee hee
    I don’t think aggression is the word you’re looking for.
    And no, there’s no such thing as past lives so it’s not going to help your mental health one bit.

  2. If we have all had past lives and by being regressed you could learn about yourself in previous lives, I would image it would have little relevance on your life this time round.
    But hay I could be totally wrong, very interesting to think about though.

  3. I’ve always been fascinated with regression.
    If we do indeed have past lives I have no doubt that in some way the experiences from the past have transcended into our present lives. Making us a certain way or having for example certain fears of things for unknown reasons.
    I would hope regression could help people with depression/mood disorders. Say if someone is depressed and they find out that in a past life they were abused or something. After learning that truth they can take steps to move on a live a healthy life without depression.
    And I definietly think the past can give a tremendous amount of insight as to present feelings. I mean the past does affect the future, so yes of course.
    I have personally always wanted to do it. 🙂

  4. If it works as a therapy to cure u of some psychological disorders than why not?
    I tried getting it done…bt i dnt think i regressed at all..although I was doing it just for fun
    And i think you mean regression not aggression

  5. I heard it can be dangerous. Some things we aren’t supposed to know.If a person is already having mental problems..it could confuse them more. There are things I’d like to know about my past in THIS life….that might help me. I found out one thing this year. That a young man had hung himself in the house I grew up in. That’s why my parents bought it so cheap. I think it explains some paranormal things that happened to me as a child.

  6. Since there is no reason to think that past lives are a real phenomenon, convincing people already suffering from some kind of mental disorder that their problems are related to past lives would be highly irresponsible and unethical and ultimately dangerous to these people. Real medical science, while not perfect by any means, is vastly more efficacious than arbitrary mysticism.

  7. Past life aggression is done. What’s done is done, there’s no changing it. (Hehehe, sorry, knew what you meant, couldn’t resist.)
    Most past life regressions tend to be negative experiences, in general (some theorize that, if true, this is because of the strongest memories being linked with the strongest emotional stimuli and this means that they surface first), and so it might exacerbate symptoms instead of helping them. I would advise against this practice on that basis.
    I myself am highly resistant to medications for depression (which I’ve been having for years, now, and they’ve just changed the diagnosis into dysthymia, or a chemical imbalance that exhibits depression as a primary symptom). However, I’ve found that getting active in t’ai chi exercises and generally trying to help other people out tends to help me combat the depression quite nicely without the need for drugs, though I do still see a psychotherapist in order to ensure that my occasional depressive episodes remain in check.
    As opposed to bipolarism, unipolar depression has no “high” point, where I actually feel good and have energy. The best I feel is generally slightly worse that what others would consider normal. As such, I’m a horribly pessimistic skeptic.
    In general, people will find out their own way. If they insist on hypnoregression, the hypnotist should be careful not to implant suggestions, and should act as a safety line rather than a guide. Also remember that some sessions of hypnoregression have resulted in psychosis or worse, so be sure you know the credentials of the hypnotherapist. In general, anyone employed in the capacity of a hypnotherapist by a government agency is going to have the credentials necessary.

  8. LOL, I didn’t even notice the typo, it is Monday after all. 😉
    Past life regression has really helped me. After doing a few regressions, I can see why I am the person I am and I have been able to overcome some issues that I have had…as well as deal with some challenges that I have to face in this lifetime.
    I feel that depression stems from not being on path, not embracing your life purpose. By discovering what it is (sometimes regression helps this), you can rise up out of it. I speak from experience on that.
    I don’t know if the same can be said for mood disorders. I think that mood disorders and things like split personalities has to do with soul fragmentation…
    Hmmm, I suppose that past lives could help answer how the soul got fragmented in the first place though.
    Good question! 🙂
    I did all my regressions by using Doreen Virtue’s Past Life Regression with the Angels.
    So they were all good experiences, I was able to remain detached and only obtain the important information needed without feeling emotionally attached.
    I do agree that it can be dangerous if done the wrong way but there are many great benefits if the person is helped and guided by Divine beings.

  9. Yes, it probably could. However, in this world of “evidence based medicine” one would have to have controlled double blinded trials for about 25 years from psychiatrist that under no circumstances would become convinced that past lives were a real phenomena before insurance would pay for it and then probably only when it was performed by a psychiatrist despite their limited training in mental health outside of medications.
    On the other hand like all hypnosis (despite the people that still believe that it is irresponsible to use despite numerous clinical trials showing effectiveness and safety) it could be useful as a clinical tool (treatment option). As Freud suggested early on you are not looking for the truth you are looking for something that will allow the client to move forward in therapy. Appropriate disclosure is always paramount in mental health and all clients should be made fully aware of any risk and that any “recovered memories” are not facts and they should be examined in light of the person’s current life and circumstances.
    There are many tools in mental health that were not readily accepted (hypnosis, bio-feedback, guided imagery, gestalt therapy, postmodernism, etc.) that have proven to be safe and effective in clinical practice (of course this is when done by appropriately trained professionals). I would no more suggest that a surgeon attempt to do counseling than I would to suggest that a mental health counselor should sub for the heart surgeon.
    I think one of the problems with mental health in regard to paranormal ideas is that they are both often hostile to one another. With mental health professionals having no education about psi phenomena and no interest in learning or examining if any aspects could be useful to a client.
    Then you have clients that may have had one psi experience and were put on medication or incorrectly diagnosed due to their reporting of this experience. Thus, people with experiences (and their friends) stay away from mental health even when there is a legitimate mental health concern like depression or worse something like psychotic hallucinatory episodes.

  10. i have a hard time believing in the whole thing because just about everyone I know who had an experience has always told me stories about how they were some knight or fair princesses … no one has told me they were some poor Joe begging on the streets. It has always been kind of a fair tail.. so I think part of it was wishful thinking. Do you know how many Cleopatra’s I have met??? lol
    Having said that.. I do not think it would help people with mental health issues because they may “remember ” something that never really happened that could be really negative. Also i believe people need to live in today.. we can not change the past. Blaming everything on the past I do not think would help anyone move forward.


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