How do you feel about Christine O’Donell, the new Tea Party electee, “dabbling in witchcraft”?

by swissmissled:

She admitted to Bill Mahr that she had a ” picnic” on a satanic altar and dabbled in witchcraft. For the first time I am questioning Palin’s decision making skills in endorsing this person. She sounds more like a gushing teenager than a capable leader.

Answer by Magpie
I think it’s funny.

Now that O’donell is up there with Palin and Bachmann, there’s finally a female version of the Three Stooges.


  • First of all, that was 10 years ago that she said that, and while she may not have been capable then, she may be now (not that I think she is, just that I don’t think that what she said 10 years ago should not be held against her now…people go through a lot of changing and growing in 10 years). Second of all, I think she was making it up or was not involved with serious practitioners because what she described is nowhere near what real witches or even Satanists do. You don’t have “picnics” on altars…Dabbled in the pseudo-occult, sure. Actually involved in serious witchcraft (even if she just “dabbled”), no.
    Venus Bless

  • And that was the first time you questioned Palin’s decision making skills? Have you been paying attention?

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