Home Discussion Forum how do you feel about Aleister Crowley?

how do you feel about Aleister Crowley?

are his books any good?


  1. He was a good con artist
    I haven’t read a book of his, but I have seen several documentaries on his life & his cohorts. He reminds me of L. Ron Hubbard.

  2. Personally, I think he was a con artist who tried to make adolescent self-absorption into a religious practice.

  3. I named my kitty after him… he was creepy.
    Don’t know much about him…
    I think the claimed to be the founder of the church of satan… but I don’t think he really was. Tried to summon and control demons or something… I’m a little rusty on the subject.
    (good reading material? Yes I think so.)

  4. read his book diary of a drug fiend or the diary’s of tsunia and you will figure out that he was a heroin addict and a homosexual he believed and practiced homosexual magic i personally don’t agree with that he was borderline psychotic he chopped his fingers off in a ritual sacrifice he claimed to be the beast but if he was why is he dead the beast according to the christians is eternal which just goes to prove him to be a fraud also as a side note did you know he supported adolf hitler? well he did its in his dairy of tsunia

  5. Captain
    The man was a genius and psychotic – his books are not for beginners, and are quite obscure – there are better ones to start with!!
    He was a gifted magical operative too, and beginners should NOT try to emulate him…..

  6. I have not read any of his books, everyone I talked to advised me not to. I understand he was rather creepy and evil. I suggest reading Scott Cunningham, and Raven Grimassi books.


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