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How do you explain ghosts, tarot card readers, the supernatural? Is an entire industry based on unrealities?

Where do these ideas come from?


  1. “Where do these ideas come from?”
    Imagination; wishful thinking; hallucinations; illusions; tricks of the mind… shall I go on?

  2. Yep! The ideas came from our ignorant past. First there was sympathetic magic and then ritual or parasympathetic magic. If the Christians can change water into wine, tarot cards can tell the future. Superstition is everywhere.

  3. Even the person in your pic new the answer to that question. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge industry. Shows your just how gullible humans walk this planet.
    Think of how creative your own mind can be, sometimes greedy. Now remember that we currently have about 6.8 billion people on earth. That is a whole lot of creativity flowing around.

  4. I can make mythical creatures easily.
    Meet the Trangra. He goes in between the dimensions of the minds, reality, and time itself. He can see you, and if you don’t give me money, HE’LL KILL YOU.

  5. Yes all based on unrealities, likewise Religion. Humans have these huge brains and we like to spend time thinking about what we can’t see. I suspect non-humans don’t have these problems.

  6. Most likely these experiences come from human experiences in many cases. However, the actual experiences and their interpretation may differ widely. Broad analyses of thousands of anecdotal claims over the centuries indicate that perhaps 1 in 10 are trustworthy. And some would say that is too liberal. The reasons given, principally by anomalistc psychologists, are that humans have poor perception, can easily modify their memories and often adopt others’ histories as their own. And all of this, they say, occurs without our knowledge. So those who think they have good, solid consistent memories and reasonable perception may in fact be fooling themselves. It is on this basis that anecdotal stories are commonly challenged.
    However there is that ten or so percent left unaccounted for. And their experiences are a different matter, not so easily dismissed. These stories and the supporting research from modern Parapsychology laboratories strongly suggest that anomalous cognition and perturbation (ESP and PK) phenomena are quite real, that there is a basis for at least some of these claims.
    Combining tarot card readers with ghostly encounters is a common misunderstanding. While there are gifted subjects who perform well in controlled laboratory conditions, most claimants are likely less skilled than they claim. Tarot card readers have never been tested in a controlled way as far as I know. We must separate controlled studies have demonstrated the existence of Telelpathy, General Psi (including Clairvoyance also known today as Remote Viewing) and Mediumship (in terms of anomalous information reception). Studies have also demonstrated PK on both micro and macro levels. However this is not to say that all claimants of such abilities or claimed witnesses to such phenomena are 100 percent accurate in their claims or their observations. It simply means there is a plausible possibility that such claims might have some foundation in reality. And for all the reasons given earlier there is an even greater chance, on average that they do not.

  7. You’d be amazed what we can trick ourselves into believing is true.
    I remember watching 3 card Monte guys , ply their craft in Manhattan…….and crowds of gullible rubes would crowd around, actually BELIEVING, this guy was gonna give them $20, of HIS money……if they just picked the right card out of 3.
    I use to watch, just to see who the plant and shill was. You know…..the one who always “wins” and scoops up large wads of cash, after doubling and tripling down, on a “sure” thing,
    and of course……THEY always win. Of course they so……it’s their PARTNER,
    Then you put your 20 down on the same “sure thing”…….and I guarantee you…….you are NOT walking away with $20 of the dealer’s money.
    Don’t care how BENT or even RIPPED the card is……and you’re “SURE!!!!!”
    It’s a con game……..sleight of hand…….magician’s tricks. No one wins 3 card Monte….except for the dealer, taking $20’s, off stupid rubes.
    Yet every day……..there they are, yet another crowd of “Believers” who think the streets of New York, are lined with people giving out free money.
    I use to try and warn people……as a public service…….but one day, the police lookout, got in my face, and told me to leave his pigeons alone.
    They don’t like it when you scare off their easy pickins.


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