How do you explain crop circles?





How can you explain crop circles? I have heard of circle makers, but they are so perfect and massive! They are also done in extreme time restraints.. It just seems impossible.


  1. there is no evidence that crop circles are made by alien intelligences. why would aliens supposedly travel across the vast universe to reach Earth, only to flatten wheat in farms as some sort of information. don’t you think that aliens with superior intelligence would realize their messages aren?t getting through, and be a little more direct.

  2. It started with two British retirees poking fun at a neighbor friend who ran a farm. All they used was a 4 foot length of 2×4 with two lengths of rope to slowly tamp down the wheat/corn/whatever. They used a long rope to set the center of the circle, and just moved on from there. When they made straight lines, they used a simple system of wires attached to hats. The guy in front hat a loop, the guy pressed up against his back had a loop in front of his eye. All that happened was that he sighted his loop through the other loop — just light iron sights on a rifle — picked a distant fixed object, and BAM you get a perfectly straight line.
    It isn’t magic. They got a chuckle out of it, and did it a few more times.
    But then the whole UFO thing caught on, and college students started to get together en masse to create the huge, intricate patterns that became even more famous.
    All of this came out about fifteen years ago, with everyone, including the two old British men, proudly displaying how they calculated the most efficient and artful way to create their designs, and how absurdly simple it could be if you didn’t want to make it difficult, and how quickly it could be done, especially with more and more people piling on.
    It’s not impossible. It’s very Earthly and amusingly simple.

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