Home Discussion Forum How do you explain consciousness?

How do you explain consciousness?

Your soul? Spirit? A universal consciousness? Recurrent thalamo-cortical resonance?


  1. It’s that “thing” that makes us feel like we’re individuals.
    Without consciousness, there would be nothing to be aware of except perfect Oneness.

  2. All is Maya. all is an Illusion of separation. When you realize you are one with everything and right now is the only reality ….then you are awake and conscious.

  3. Just chemical activity in our brains, man.
    Our conscious on a cellular level isn’t that different from most other intelligent mammals such as dolphins.

  4. Your mind’s existence in its conscious realm. The subconscious being another realm. The unconscious another. With infinite possibilities of others. Semiconscious being the transition between any two.

  5. Neural activity doesn’t explain it all, you have to add the ability to represent (re-present). Words help us tremendously, as they represent things, times, and people, and ourselves, in a particularly economic and suggestive way. Babies learn that they are separate from their parents at about the age of three months. This is when they begin to be conscious of themselves as potentially “objective” . Some animals recognise themselves in mirrors : chimps, whales and dolphins. Some primates other than ourselves are capable of dissimulating (hiding a fact from others, like sweets in a hidden hole).
    This representation of ourselves enables us to imagine the whole of space and time that we do not personally fill, and this is stressful to a huge degree, and at the root of religions which attempt to replace each individual in the whole of space and time.
    But in spite of these attempts, the fact is that when we die, our consciousness dies with us. No one has ever proved the existence of a “soul” beyond our brain activity, certainly not coma victims.

  6. I think, therefore I am. One time I was in an off and on unconscious state for a week (no, this was not at school) when I was unconscious there was nothing until I woke again. If I had dreams I don’t remember them.


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