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How do you explain "Astral Projection"?

Well it is said to be that astral projection is the separation of the soul from the physical body in a spiritualistic sense. Does it have any scientific explanation ?


  1. There’s a TON of Scientific Documentation on what causes Astral Projection, Out of Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences, DejaVu, etc. and that evidence boils down to misfiring in the brain, dreams, sleep disorders, hallucinations, etc. and they can be recreated in the lab, proving that they are not “Paranormal”.
    Let me make this 100% clear. There is no such thing as “The Paranormal” or a “Soul” that can “leave the body”. These “Experiences” are based on Flawed Brain Biology which leads to perceptual distortions.
    Real Out-of-Body Experiences
    By providing wrong but matching views and feelings, scientists mentally “teleport” people outside their own bodies
    Out-of-Body Hallucinations Linked to Brain Glitch
    Demon-Haunted Brain
    If the brain mediates all experience, then paranormal phenomena are nothing more than neuronal events
    Out-of-Body Experiences Simulated
    Strange Experiments Create Body-Swapping Experiences
    Near-Death Experiences: What Really Happens?
    Near-Death Experiences Linked to Oxygen Deprivation

  2. I’ve never experienced or seen it. I’ve seen no proof for it.
    Such things, that only exist anecdotally, never have ANY scientific explanation.
    How do you explain Space Bats?
    There are a lot of powerful chemicals in the brain. I put it down to mostly people claiming their accounts. Or the one’s who actually experiencing it, have tapped into a natural high.
    Kind of like transcendental mediation for those who don’t really know what they are doing.

  3. Such experiences are associated with dissociated states of consciousness
    i.e. the consciouss part of your brain (the ‘dynamic core’) is active but not interacting with your senses.
    So there is a scientific explanation for what is experience, but there is no proof that the ‘soul leaves your body’

  4. i explain in it as “imagining,” dreaming” “wishful thinking” or even “lying”
    I request anything that could be considered evidence
    BTW Wish You were Here’s links don’t, in my opinion “prove” astral projection, but rather the explanation for what has been thought of as astral projection.

  5. Does it have any scientific explanation? Yes: dreaming! I THOUGHT I was astral projecting beyond my body outside my house once. I got up AFTER this experience & went outside to see if the litter I remembered was there & it was not so i WAS dreaming! If the litter WAS there how could I have known? But it wasn’t!

  6. The scientific explanation is that it is the role of brain chemistry in creating a sense of reality, but no in actually creating a reality.
    The yogic explanation is that WE are, from outside in:
    – A physical body, inside of which there is ..
    – An astral body, inside of which there is …
    – An individual soul, inside of which there is …
    – A spark of the Divine
    The path of yoga is to contact the inner spark of the Divine and eventually merge with it, relinquishing the trappings of the non-essential self
    Astral travel … does nothing for spiritual growth, does nothing for increasing one’s own happiness in life. Seeing as these are the only two accomplishments that have any intrinsic value … astral projection is basically a waste of one’s time and energy, pursued by those who do not “see things as they truly are”. According to yoga philosophy.

  7. You say that as if hallucinations are impossible. You hallucinate every night when you dream. These hallucinations are caused by the most powerful psychedelic known to man (DMT).
    So, knowing that a powerful psychedelic is naturally produced in your brain…do you really think it’s that hard to find an explanation?

  8. You have three bodies, your physical, astral and casual body. Your astral body you are probably familiar with as it is the body you are in when you dream, if you ever had a lucid dream you are familiar that this body in your dream is as real as your physical body is in this dream…when you astral travel you the essence of what you are leaves the physical body and travels in the astral vehicle (with it’s attention there). Astral projection I would think is to “project” your consciousness to another place, being fully present there, like zooming in on a picture. This is from the science of Yoga, about the physical, astral and casual worlds. There are rich inner worlds and much knowledge available if you shut off the senses, meditate, and commune with your soul and your Creator…these things cannot be known through the senses, and all the debunking of spiritual experiences by saying it is chemicals in the brain is simply a way to deny the inner reality of people that are so material based they are afraid to even imagine, to even keep the doors of experience open to know these spiritual worlds. Journey’s out of the Body by Robert Monroe is a great book, Robert went on to found the Monroe Institute and teaches how to astral travel. ECK teaches you how to soul travel, which sounds much more interesting. Robert describes the places he visited it is almost as if those who believe in Jesus go to one place, those like JW go to their new heaven and new earth, there are belief system places in the afterlife that people go to where reality will back up their beliefs…I for one would rather go with no ideas and an open mind, to see what is really there, I sure will have had enough of religious systems by then! Cosmic Memory by Rudolf Steiner is a great book on the inner worlds, this book literally fell off a bookshelf at the bookstore for no apparent reason…but a spiritual one…lol…in front of me, so, of course, I bought it! You are not your body, you are the I that has a body, but of course you know that, don’t you, shouldn’t everybody? I don’t know if you have visited http://www.nderf.org it is a great site with testimonies of NDE’s it is a life changing experience, once you have experienced one you are never quite the same, the genie once out of the bottle never fits back in the bottle, it is not from anything in the brain, as you are not in the brain…lol you are really there, I was jumping in the clouds in my astral body while my physical body was leaning against a building, while I was in the clouds, or on the clouds jumping on the clouds, the police came, the ambulance, and 80 or so people to watch this wreck..I was “not there”! When I started feeling pain, I knew I was back to my body and very let down about it!

  9. Its very important that you never smoke marijuana, drink alcoholic beverages or use mind altering pharmaceutical drugs. When you lie down to go to sleep, just close your eyes and try to imagine a very real place and try to imagine yourself actually physically being there. While you’re doing this, repeat 100 times, “I now experience a fully conscious astral projection.” Make sure that you don’t think about anything else while you’re repeating this affirmation before you fall asleep. After about one month, your dreams will become more lucid and within a month or two months, you should eventually project. You must remember to do this mental exercise every single day, seven days a week. Within only seven months, you’ll be a master astral projector and you won’t have to continue repeating these affirmations. It will just come naturally to you whenever you lose consciousness. You can learn to project your consciousness to distant planets far across the universe or visit many higher nonphysical dimensions. If you learn to use your INNER self (your astral body), you will eventually conquer ALL. People who’ve mastered this ability claim that you’ll even have your very own source of money……no kidding!

  10. Afterall what we are is the answer hidden in it. All are made up of spirit/divine spark. Due to kundalini awakening we can take it into anywhere and carry all the experiences and come back. Once scientifically one of my friend has asked me to come to his house at wee hour who stays in Central, whereas I used to stay at Western. I projected and he was able to see me. The next day he told me telephonically.


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