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How do you explain a clairvoyant seeing dead people they never heard of or ever met?

They come up with their names, know what they look like, and meantion very personal information only their friends and family would know. There have even been alleged cases of children that have have imaginary friends that have names of dead people…then when these kids see a picture of the person they’re like …”oh that’s him/her!”


  1. Documentation please?
    I know James Randi exposed a renowned faith healer (Peter Popoff) who was using plants in the audience to discover personal information about people that was then transmitted to a receiver hidden in his ear. Certainly don’t need God to explain that one…
    Check out the movie “Leap of Faith” with Steve Martin. That pretty much covers it all.

  2. It’s basically call being sensitive, open to perceive, gifted….. the spirits sense and see who the sensitive ones are by observing ones actions.

  3. if it were true, my eyes have never seen it, it wouldn’t surprise me. we are all one (interconnected). i am just a mirror of you.
    there is no you, there is only me.- NIN

  4. Put it this way: who would know you better than your personal tempter? Very specific details, names, places,events–all correct and documented.
    It may be that the ‘dead’ can contact the living, but there is no reliable way to discern the difference between “channelling” and demonic activity.
    Same thing with “past life regressions.” Have you ever noticed how nobody is a street sweeper? They’re nearly all famous people! A bit suspect, I’d say!

  5. Some people are just gifted and spirits are attracted to them like magnets to steel.
    I am in no way saying that all of the ones who claim to be psychically gifted are. There is a thing called a cold reading, which is information so vague that it could be applied to anyone. Such as: I see an upcoming move, in your job or place of residence; I see trouble in a relationship, just don’t overstep your bounds and everything will be alright; or there was a piece of jewelery you were to receive from a relative that passed on, because the one who took it shouldn’t have, they will have a lot of problems.
    I would say that 95% of people who claim to be psychic are just good at acting and collecting your hard earned money. Keep your cash in your pocket, it will do you more good there and I don’t have to be psychic to tell you that.
    Enjoy your day!


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