Home Discussion Forum How do YOU expand the "limits" of consciousness?

How do YOU expand the "limits" of [your] consciousness?

all thoughts welcomed with an open heart…
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  1. The Bible tells us to “be still, and know that I am”.
    I like to sit in my backyard at night, marvel at the stars, the absolute endless vastness of space, listen to the noises of nature, sometimes listen to the sound of my own heartbeat, breathe in the fresh air, and let my mind and body “be still”.
    I’m sure it falls into the category of meditation, but when I ponder all these things, I’m reassured that the essence of me, my consciousness, my soul, is not just the random convergence of chemicals and proteins, atoms, electrons, etc. I am not an “accident”.
    My humble opinion, thank you for letting me share. : )

  2. As with most things Spiritual, the titles we give to “what” we do on the Path are a misnomer. There is no need to expand but rather unlearn & stop stopping that which already is. This is why so many disciplines talk of doing nothing, Being nothing. We are what we are, which is so much more than we think we are. Yet, we are experts at covering or stopping the influx of all that is promised & is our birthright. Yet, it seems it takes us a lot of doing to realize we really need to stop doing. Ah, Spiritual paradoxes, you gotta love them.


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