How do you erase what's in your subconscious mind?

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I was told that our individual lives are just a reflection of what we each have in our subconscious mind.

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Joey Starr

It’s kind of like trying to get the speck on the outside of the window, from the inside when the window is closed. You can’t do it from this side. Consider hypnotherapy.


Probably therapy.


Ahhh great question. Meditation. You are on the right path, you have a lot to learn and I would dearly thank the person who told you that.
I recommend a guy called Eckhart Tolle check him out on youtube!


cant be done while your conscious try hypnotherapy or see a behavioral psychiatrist


First you have to be aware of what it is…I do this with something called spiritual mind treatement…For example I am applying for something Monday but I am not sure I am ready & if I am not, I will not get the job so I want to make sure I am ready before I even apply. So I could say to myself “What is blocking me from getting this job” then an answer will come I take that answer & think of what I want instead. Then I write down what I want, some people call that an affirmation. I keep think about it until it becomes real for me…so when I ask that question, it comes to me that I have had so much free time & my freedom will end…so my affirmation will be “I know the work I do is what I love to do in my sparetime so I will always feel free”….so I make a list of this affirmations…I keep asking until I feel 100% clear…I will then feel confindent that the new job is what I want & know I can have it & I will be able to easily visualize myself applying with ease…getting a call or e-mail saying someone is interested in interviewing me…I can see myself answering their questions & telling me about the job…then I can imagine me be offered the job & me saying Yes, then being told when I can start & be trained & reading info. or watching a video or talking to someone about the you just keep asking your subconscious to reveal itself to you. Open to listen, take the though & if you don’t want to keep it think of what you want instead & keep saying it or thinking it till it overpowers the other thought.


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