• The best tapes are Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga series. it’s more or less Ashtanga yoga, a very good branch of yoga. To be honest I’ve totally outgrown the need for video DVD’s and this series is old, bought a long time ago. You may be able to still find them on DVDs’
    Start off small, do the asanas only ’till you really feel it in your muscles and bones. Don’t want to injure ourselves do we?
    Take care and use proper technique and set up your living room to be a little studio good for yoga, something that you can set up and take down easily, and do it barefoot to prevent slipping

  • If you have cable there is a channel called “the fitness channel” and they have yoga shows on their all the time. You can also rent a DVD from the library or video store. Also be sure to look in your town’s community eductional classes (sometimes held at the rec centers, or local community colleges) Because sometimes they offer low-cost yoga classes if you want to try learning yoga with a group.

    Best of Luck!

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