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How do you do transcendental meditation?

I know you close your eyes, sit in a chair and use a mantra — but what are some techniques — do you make your mind clear and thoughtless? Or do you just let your brain have control?
Also, HOW do you know that your brain is asleep or in a different consciousness?
In contrast, how exactly do you do transcendental meditation?


  1. You close your eyes
    You sit on flat ground (chair is not suitable) and keep your body relaxed.
    Peter Russell says the Transcendental Meditation technique allows the mind to become still without effort, in contrast to meditation practices that attempt to control the mind by holding it on a single thought or by keeping it empty of all thoughts.
    Maharishi Mahesh Yogi says in his 1963 book, The Science Of Being and Art Of Living, that, over time, the practice of allowing the mind to experience its deeper levels during the Transcendental Meditation technique brings these levels from the subconscious to within the capacity of the conscious mind.
    The brain is not asleep. It is simply allowed to flow at its(your) will to the direction in which it wants. Vedic mantras or chants help redirect your mental energy. In contrast to other forms of meditation this technique is effortless. However it takes some amount of practice before one starts to experience the levitated state of a peaceful mind.

  2. Yea, I do TM that guy Banerji got it right. Its very simple but kind of delicate at the same time so you need to have a teacher to guide you. If you do it right its really amazing!


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