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How do you do the tai chi move that makes you crap your pants?

not me, but the other guy


  1. I don’t know of any Tai Chi move that makes me crap my pants.
    Which Tai Chi Chuan style are you talking about:
    Chen Pan Ling?
    I know quite a few moves that might make the OTHER GUY crap HIS pants!

  2. it’s not a tai chi move, i would explain further but its beyond your understanding, that and the few of us that do understand these types if techniques would never explain them over the internet

  3. Watch Hot Rod again and study the red head’s movements! Jeeze, can’t you learn on your own!?
    Best way besides Hot Rod as a teacher, displace his small intestine with your hand.

  4. What’s with this fixation on crapping your pants? If I’m ever in a fight for my life, making my attacker crap his pants is the last thing on my mind, getting the heck outta there alive is. Besides, what happens when he craps his pants then suddenly decides to wrestle you to the ground and either go into the full mount or apply the leg triangle choke on you? Then you would’ve just given him more ammunition to crap on you with.


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