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How do you do telepathy?

I’m 14 but I think i might want to do it or learn it. Watcing Dragon Ball Z makes me ineterested in doing so.


  1. only japanese comic characters with prison outfits and too much hair gel can use the force. god, I thought everyone knew that already(:

  2. Telepathy is not a hard ability to accomplish. However depending on how sensitive the receiver is, will depend on how good you need to be. (the less sensitive, the stronger energy to send the message).
    In order to send someone a msg, all you have to do is think about them. If you have a good bond with them, the easier it will be. So basically, all you have to do visualize them in your head, and then send them a thought. A simple thought would be, txt me, ring me, etc. which will be easy for them to pick up, however if you are full on asking them something, you and your partner will need to be in a good state at that time, and also have clear mind.
    But first comes practice, in order to become any good at this.
    Chi Power Practitioner.


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