Is it true that once you enter into yoga or pilates, you’ll get slim even though how much you eat?


  • If you can find a good yoga teacher and practice 3 times a week for 1 hr per session you will learn to eat properly and cleanse your body from the inside and therefore gain muscle and lose fat.

    Pilate’s is a scam although thousands of people claim to be teachers. Put Joseph Pilates into a search engine and you will find out what he did. He invented a couple of machines to help patients recover their health in clinics and hospitals. Anyone teaching so called Pilates without these machines is just doing floor exercises and calling it Pilates???? Always check teachers out, not only for their fraudulent certificates gotten over a week end, but ask them who their teacher is and where he lives and how often does he or she give them seminars. They don’t have one??
    All health clubs including the YMCA are defrauding the public with these fake instructors. Beware of whom you study with.

  • I’ve never tried pilates so I won’t comment on which is better. However, yoga is great! It benefits your overall health – body, mind and spirit. However, if you want to get slim – you have to watch what you eat. I know women that have been going to yoga for years and they are still very overweight.

  • Pilates is meant to be quite intense… it’s doing exercises using your own body weight. Stuff like leg lifts and what-not, it will really kick your butt.

    Yoga is usually meant to be relaxing, although there are many ways to practice it. The main focus is on stretching, lengthening your muscles, improving your breathing and posture. Basically, putting your body into positions that it’s not used to… this creates balance in your whole system because you will use muscles you didn’t even know you had. If you really work your body, it can be very intense like pilates. It just depends on what you want to get out of your workout 🙂

    I totally recommend Yoga, and when you start to get into a more intense workout, then you can begin combining it with Pilates. Just do what works for you! Best of luck!

  • Pilates- is a very focused form of exercise that helps to strenghten and tone the body WITHOUT automatically adding muscle bulk. Over time , it helps you develop a sculpted streamlined physique. Think – dancer’s body.
    Yoga – is the best possible exercise there is for improving suppleness. However yoga postures are more than physical poses they work on the mind and spirit and promote incresed awareness, vitality and inner peace.
    I want this “dancer’s body” so I do a Pilates for over 3 months now,and I see increadible changes in my body – I m stronger, all body is leaner, I even lost some fat.

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