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How do you develop to see the aura?

If concentration helps you see aura better,then does the concentration also help you study and remember things better?In the sense,I i have the capacity to see the aura(energy around a human being),it implies that i have a good concentration.Does this also mean that this concentration can help me in my studies?And also,If i try to develop the capacity to see the aura s then is it that it naturally improve my capacity of concentration in every field?
Thanks for the help!


  1. here’s a way:
    this way makes you see it as a side thing though for to do this you have to clear the thought out of your mind, stare at something behind the thing you want find the aura too. in a couple of tries you should get it. when you’re done think again 🙂

  2. Yes and no.
    I learned to see auras with this book:
    “Auras: See Them in Only 60 seconds” by Mark Smith
    The title is goofy but it works.
    Seeing the aura, you need to focus and relax.
    To study academically, you also need to focus in a relaxed manner, but you have to be able to take notes, organize your thoughts, ask intelligent questions, look up words you don’t know, and be disciplined in studying on a regular basis.
    Good luck.

  3. My son sees auras all different colors but has no idea what the colors mean like you go find out it may help you understand more.
    You have been born with this gift it may disappear eventually if you don’t use it the colors do mean different things so I recommend you find out.
    I cant see concentration has any thing to do with it.
    Very best of luck

  4. what kind of concentration?
    a stare. concentrated thought?
    study is more mental. Some have that gift and ability, others not as much. There are probably techniques you can find and learn memory tricks, for physical studies, words, and thoughts.
    I prefer understanding, then I get it and can explain it and develop it from there.
    To imporve in your studies, how do you process impressions. Are you visual? need to see it to remember it, then you have to write it down, highlight it , circle it.
    OR do you do better remembering thru auditory, hearing it. then you would have to read it outloud, tape it, listen again.
    Another is touch, or smell-taste, but those would not apply unless you were a wine or food connoussier, or massage therapist or crafter.
    Everyone has different talents. I prefer not to learn memory techniques because I like free flowing abstract thoughts.

  5. There are some books on Tibetan Buddhism which explain the focusing and breathing techniques to practice. You could always just study Tai Chi Chuan. This is not really a special skill you just need to know the correct way to pay attention. You can buy the books at Borders or contact Shambala Publishing.


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