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How do you determine psychic ability?

My friend and I think we’re psychic, but we don’t know whether it’s telepathy or something else. We’ve had countless run-ins with all sorts of oras and spirits. We have odd dreams and legitimate deja vu (sorry that I spelled it wrong), and we want to know how we are psychic because we’ve been told before on numerous random occasions.


  1. Do you see anything with me?
    I have also had some run ins with things. However, I could never tell someones future.
    I saw a spirit once. I also get “feelings”. I may just be very intuitive. I think we all have some but some are not in tune with it.
    Some people I meet I can tell everything about them and then others I can’t tell anything.
    I don’t know what all this means either.

  2. Aura is how you spell it.
    I always have Deja Vu.
    There things that I believe are unexplainable.
    Afterlife, Reincarnation, and Psychic powers.
    I have always thought I was psychic too.
    I experience Deja Vu so much that I have lost faith in the belief that it is pure coincidence.
    And when I am in a situation with other people I can always tell what they are thinking and half the time I will say what they are thinking just to mess with them. It happens so often.
    There has to be something more to it than just luck.. But still, there has never been proof of psychic abilities. So proving if you are one is not possible. You just have to believe in yourself and others will believe you too. But there will always be skeptics. You can’t make everyone believe you.

  3. I’m glad you have a friend that you feel so bonded with….I am a skeptic of psychic and religious stuff(see my profile).
    IMO…when people say that they are psychic, it is often a person who feels awkward or left out and needs to say theyre special somehow
    if psychics are real, why dont they ever work the lotto??

  4. A great way to determine and expand your psychic ability and your connection to the universe is to meditate. A terrific meditation is Shamanic journey where you can meet your spirit guides who can answer questions and show you the way or where you are on your path.
    Good luck and Much love
    Anna Raimondi
    author: Talking to the Dead in Surburbia – An Ordinary Woman with an Extraordinary Gift


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