• I’m not really sure. Definitely more in tune with things than in the past. Just over this past summer I was a different person, spiritually at least. I was constantly debating how I felt about god’s existence, what the nature of god would be, really dealing in black and white with my spirituality. I had, what some would call, a spiritual experience back in July. It meant nothing at first but, over time, it settled in. And now I feel like I understand the spiritual nature of things more.

  • I’m conscious right now as apposed to my unconscious taking over during sleep. I have also been conscious while my unconscious was active during lucid dreaming.
    Being in a lucid dream is like watching a first person movie which allows you to think about your actions but not really control them (i’m not at the control level yet)

  • I’m sleepy so it’s sort of shutting down. But now I’m very conscious of the stench coming from my boyfriend’s fart.

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