How do you define – subconscious mind-, what are it's functions, who thought of this term?

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? When I’m walking, is the subconscious mind controlling the legs, because I’m not consciously using them?

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Subconcious (by Sigmund Freud) is like a place, where your memories are stored – these might be some mental or physical experiences. For example, you burned your hand when you were a little, and now you won’t grab totally hot cup etc. Mentally, example: you said something to your friend when you were a little, and he/she took the offence, so you will be more polite next time. It is automatic, it compares some earlier situations to the actual ones. You can not control your subconcious. If you walk, it is just the instinct OR you were going to do something and forgot for a moment (physically forgot), so the subconcious takes the control over and makes you to keep walking.

Logan Thomas

concerning walking, no, not totally at least.
your conscious mind is semi in control of walking. you decide how fast you walk and which direction. And if you trip, you’ll be aware of it. When you were a baby you had to learn to walk. So it’s not subconscious. Just becomes habit over the years.
Subconscious just means below (or beyond) the conscious mind. obviously this changes often depending on which part of your brain you’re using. Whatever you’re not using at any one moment can be deemed subconscious.
But i believe i understand what you’re talking about.
Your heart beating is part of the subconscious mind. Blinking too, but you can control your blinking if you like. However you can not randomly control your heart.
The subconscious mind is mostly storage for things you’re not using right now. how to do that really hard math problem. how to feel if a stranger touches your butt. those sorts of things that we all learn over time.

Andy C



According to a few theories the mind consists of three levels; unconscious, preconscious (super ego), and conscious. The unconscious receives all the messages which are not readily used by the conscious and the superego informs the extent of which is morally or ethically usable by the conscious, then of course occasionally a repressed article finds a path to the conscious and here you have a “Freudian slip.” Perhaps we have an unconscious mind to give the busy conscious a break from all the inputs twenty-four hours per day. Dreams are relative to the unconscious.


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